30 March 2006

獎賞貼貼紙 Reward system_stickers

但 係仔仔已开始長大‧我要开始鼓勵他自己訓,所 以出一招獎賞貼贴紙法,首先我将一張床放在我床邊同佢齊齊佈置佢嘅床,俾佢有心理準備‧如果每一晚自己訓係 他嘅床訓到天光、再加上冇亂發脾氣、就可以貼一張贴紙係日歷上‧儲存够五个贴紙就有一份小小礼物‧依家就要儲存到二十張一个treat‧所以每一朝早、他 会說:"媽咪、今日我冇上來訓‧自己訓到天光呀‧"
仔仔:"唔好,我要儲 stickers wor..."

When my boy six months old, he had he first fever, I wanna to monitor him constantly, so I put him to sleep beside me, eversince, we both cannot be apart when come to sleep time.
Now, he is growing up and I need to train him sleep by himself.

We placed a bed besides my bed and decorated his bed together. In the beggining, he will always woke up middle of the night and came back to my bed. We then thought of a sticker system. If he sleep on his bed all night long, the next morning he will get a stickers. He did stick to it these day, someday if he behaving bad, I will remove the stickers for punishement. Once he collected a 5 stickers he will get a treats or small present.

Last Sunday, his daddy asked to rent his bed for the night. He replied: "No, papa, I want to collect stickers.."

I think the stickers system work now..


Twinsmom said...

emm... have to use this soon :D. thanks for the tips.

Jesslyn said...

sob sob, sticker system not work for my Wien ler....but lucky now she want to sleep with Ma Ma (aka my MIL)..kekeke...

shiaulin said...

very good idea!!! i like it :D

Zara's Mama said...

Congratulations to you, and your zhai zhai!

mingming said...


1+2mom said...

Great idea!! I think i'll try to use this cause my son like sticker very much :P