28 March 2008

有空來坐坐 My gallery is up!

Finally managed re-edit my Illustrations Gallery blog page, come see when you have time...Enjoy!
First, Grab a dessert, and relax... Terrick, what do you think with the new face lift?


24 March 2008


Thanks for the lovely comments and Birthday Wishes!Mommy and Daddy kept their promises, they promised to get me birds for my Pet on my birthday! Daddy bought a baby budgie and 3 older budgies with big cage from somebody who can't take care of them, now I have big responsibility because I need to take good care of them and love them!
愛我的寵物 -


23 March 2008

BoyBoy Happy Day!

Six years ago today, BoyBoy born at 12:59 pm, weight 5 lbs 14 oz. Today he weight 42 lbs.
I was 105 lbs before I have a child, now I weight........................

22 March 2008

Time flies

Time flies,,,,,,,,,, my boy will be 6 years old tomorrow......... Picture above is Boyboy in 3 months old..Tomorrow, he will be 6.....

18 March 2008

Spring is around the corner 春天快到了

Spring will be here in 2 days.........The Prime of Year...期待以久的春天終於來臨了!

17 March 2008

Arrow root plant cont.. 慈菇盆栽

看這一盆慈菇盆栽,長高了,好看多了!明年春節時如果要種到這麼高,一定要早六個星期開始了!Look at my arrow root plant! it's growing tall! I wish it was this big during Chinese New Year days. For next CNY, I will have to start at least 6 weeks early if I want my plant to like now.

12 March 2008


For 10 years living in this house, we've finally cleaned up the basement! We been stuffing so many things in there, sometime hardly walk around. We always wanna to organize the place but we just did not act on it, as a matter of fact, we keep throwing more stuffs there, we hardly go down to basement since (no eyes see qua !).
Last year, hubby friend's given him a used table-tennis (with missing legs), Ping-Pong is a sport that he loves so much, so, he is anxious to have it set up, so he can practice and play whenever he likes. He is urged to clean it up, it took us quite some time to re-organized the basement, trash useless stuffs, donate goods and box away stuffs, I can't believe how much stuffs I found and I forgot about it, boyboy were helping but he looks more like treasure hunt than cleaning up, it's good to have this massive clean up, let me get organized my stuffs and stop buying duplicates! After Daddy did most of the clean-up, his brother in-law finished installed the custom made legs on the table, they celebrate...! Ever-since they spend most time down in the basement...
Here are video-clip on boyboy showing off his PingPong skills..

11 March 2008

Work-Busy-Tired... 開始工作了

Being quite busy lately... Because I am working in boy boy school about a month now, as a School Helper (temporary position, replacing someone until she returns), my duties are to help out the office, teachers (not teaching, just helping marking the paper, prepare art, craft stuffs..), help in the library and supervise the kids (Kindergarten to Grade4) during recess and lunch time.
I really enjoy the work so far, I've learned so much, and Boy is quite happy to see me there, it is a new but good experience for me and my boy...best of all, I am making some income, help out the bills...
Now, a tea break just what I needed...

最近好忙...因為我在仔仔學校已開始工作整一個月了(暫時是替工),上個星期收到第一張pay cheque.....很開心...雖然收入很少,不過足夠給我們汽車油的支出,好過待在家一分錢也沒有呀!

05 March 2008

Leap IF (part 2)

Second entry for this week IF topic - Leapfirst version HERE...

Second entry for this we

04 March 2008

IF- LEAP (Part 1)

Drew this a while ago in my Facebook Graffiti wall, and I've touched it up in PSD after, I thought they may fit in for this week IF topic.

03 March 2008


昨天仔仔在土庫玩時,好奇的把塑膠包住Wall Insulation的塑膠捅穿了,知道事情不妙,快快告許爸供認和懺悔,當然被他爸爸罵了他一頓,只因那些用塑膠包住Insulation是玻璃碎物質,仔仔不但多手去破壞它,事後還用手摸又擦眼晴,他爸罵他也只因生氣他無知和擔心他損害他的眼晴。
仔仔: 你們...你們擔心我,也不用我的嗎!
媽咪心想-->是哦??!!........不過我說: 我們必需教訓你,這樣你才知道那問題有多嚴重呀!不過在這件事裡,你有一件事做的對是坦白和明白事情的後果,那發生這伴事也不是壞事了!
P/S: He post this picture for me today, not taken when he is upset yesterday.