28 January 2007

Christmas Turkey_Main course

My husband brother in Law's is a good cook. During the Christmas holidays, he will be the one cooking the main course_Turkey for dinner.
Most of the roast turkey in store or in Restaurant are dried and lack of taste, but not his, the meat is always cook to perfection, not dry but juicy and tender..
We really enjoy have him and his family over and to reconized his cooking skills, I vote him the best cook in roasting TURKEY meat, of course of all the meal he cooked for us.
This is BT's HomeMakers magazine looks with him and wife on the Cover.
Alfred and Miranda

23 January 2007

ROti Canai_紅豆糖水

Roti Canai_one of my all time favorites..for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner time, or dessert Time.
This product is easily get in Asian supermarket, to compare with fresh make in Mamak store, quality of the bread still not too bad kar!
How you like yours serve?
With mine, plain with sugar, with meat curry, or with sweet red bean soup.
仔仔just like his plain.

18 January 2007

Greetings to all.

新一年、新開始。我将會多D推出猪師奶家常小菜為我"婆樂家_Blog"添番一些可以吃得落肚旣俾大家一齊分享D廚樂無窮..Sorry,因科技问题.D相片暫時只能飽受眼福,不可能即時現场提供原汁原味菜式供享。。。唯一方法為只有"你/妳"---------自己煮了!(猪師奶煮德唔得..Err,,唔包好吃架!Your own risk.)

HappY 2007 New Year
Come take a peak in my new blogspot later, I will have lots of home make food pictures to be publish here soon! Welcome to B.T foody-goody........... Yer