29 November 2012

I love ChuiMei Sponge Cake

ChuiMei make me a Sponge cake last week.. so delicious and can't get enough of it,,

My 2013 Calendar in Phase 2 stage

Working on my 2013 Calendar.
I want to do something different for this year Calendar, buying the stands cost lots of money when I order only small quantity. However, I found a photo stand in Dollarama, I am thinking to drill 2 holes on top, insert rings and prints. To make a flip Calendar with stand, but drilling a hole to the Acrylic stand is a challenged. I am still stretching my design idea by
using this Acrylic stands.

For now, I just insert one page and using a clip to hold the rest of the pages behind it, this is my Phase 2 stage, I hope to create something nice and finalize the product very soon.
I know is it a little late to work on the Calendar, but it should make it for Christmas Present.

难得有一天假,可以陪仔仔在家休息, 很珍惜、很滿足呀!

Day off - Another day snowing day

Good day to stay home today. 
 Thanks to Boss and colleagues approved a day off, so I can stay home with my Lil boy today. It's snow again, beautiful but inconvenient.
Hope Hubby have a good walk today.

13 November 2012

working on 2013 calendar

Start to doodling some artwork for 2013 calendar.
I know it's abit late,  but I wanna to draw and see if I will make it before December..

Slow at work - start doodling..

Quite slow at work lately, so I was doing some doodling..
Using brush strokes in AI and transfer the outline illo to PSD for coloring..
 I bought a Crepe Machine months ago, so I was making lots of crepe for family and friends..
I love crepe, I am getting good at spreading the battle but the utensil is not big enough.

Too much snow and cold day these days, Winter starts early and I am looking forward for a nice cool Spring to arrive.

Happy Doodling.. please note this is copyright to May C 2012.