29 August 2009

Bella Sinclaire Award !

First of all thanks to Jennifer Cheng who awarded me Bella Sinclair Award that was designed by Ces. Ces is a good sister friend to Bella, she specially design this award for good friendship, inspiration, caring, sharing, a special dedication to Bella.
Bella is someone I known who is a very tender, sweet, artistic, sincere and love by many friends.
Bella, you definitely inspires how to live a life. Most of all Thank you for your caring friendship, xoxo..

Thank you so much to Jennifer , a nice friend I met through WWW, she creates digital illustration and graphic design, someone with sweet heart and love to draw. Thanks for thinking of me. Very honored and happy.
I like to pass on this wonderful meaningful award to those I think their art inspire me and admire a lot, most of all, thanks for the friendship..
To celebrate friendship and art of life inspirtation, I like to circulac the Bella Sinclaire award to ..

Miss Yu, Julia is my former colleague's in Malaysia and one of the talented artist I known, she is very detail and a smart lady, her art-work is always so likable. I remembered she always assigned to draw human organ and body part book, because she have a steady hand and beautiful detail line art..
Eric B - who are familiar in the IF community, one smart and artistic artist that everyone adore his artwork.
Faruffa - Someone who is so good in Vector art- I admire all her fine line art, beautiful details and colorful world....
Coralie - I think She is one of my best European great children book artist, her art fills with colour and joy and specially the book with lots lots of sheep..
Froggie - She have lots of sense of Humor and very unique artist, her perspective is very interesting and stylish..
Euginiagina - Well, she is a happy mom and a great artist, you should check out her Ben the Bear that she illustrated, you will see why she is a great artist.
Kelly- I love her artwork, very cute and creative.
Jennifer M. - Great artwork, great line detail, her artwork always inspire me to draw, to improve, you see when you visit her site. You can find many inspiration artwork especially the Whimsical masterpiece.
Many many more, some already received the award, I am sorry if I miss you, please feel free to pass this wonderful award to whom you thin it inpire you.
Thanks Auntie Jennifer Cheng for giving mommy the award..

16 August 2009

Sunday scrible

Sunday scribles ... My niece is getting marry.....I am practicing vector line-art in PSD, here goes my 1st - homework...
Miss Yu, please give me some feedback, you are my senior mar and your artwork is so pro lor!

Sunday空暇時間, 無聊沒事做 , 學習vector畫!

10 August 2009

School pictures_kindergarten year 2007-08

one of my last year illustration for my boy Kindergarten..class pictures..