28 March 2010

23 March 2010

8 years old.

Today, March 23rd, my boy is 8 years old.
Again, using my colleague's Professional Camera, it make me wanted to snap to shoot lots of good pictures for memory..

Make a wish...

No peeking...

OK, your wishes is granted, good wishes will follow..
Be good, healthy and Happy as always.

Mommy & Daddy

10 March 2010

Shoot pictures like a Pro..

My colleague's let me use his old Professional Camera Nikon D200 for a week, I have being shooting pictures like a Pro..

HeHe.. not quite a Pro yet, but I am going to become a Professional Camera person just for my family or maybe for friends too.. that will be enough...

Thanks to Peter.. his Nikon D200

These are my husband Salt water tank creatures..
I am quite happy with the result...