29 December 2008

New Year greetings- 賀新年、農曆年賀卡

Time sure flied away, now come to the end of 2008, I thank you for your visit and kind comments through the year. Thank you!
we are soaring up high shouting out loud to wishing you all A Happy New Year 2009!
Chinese New Year Card

28 December 2008

To my family|家人放心!

I know my sisters are worry about me, I just wanna to say, I will be ok! So, here's the illo for them to let them know, no worry! I will take good care of myself!
Mean time, Look! Ah Boy lost his front teeth!

let me share my boy sweet and naive moments...

Last night, Ah Boy told me he doesn't want to grow older, when he reach 9 years old, he will return back to one year old baby and start again, this way he can stay baby forever, he said, he don't want to grow in teen age, (maybe because I feed him too much information about kid reach teen-age, act really weird, and it's parent night-mare handling children at this age!)
He also said if he stay as baby, we mom and dad will remain young and never grow old! :)
Chinese New Year is around the corner, I wish all Happy Chinese New Year, Year of OX!
I will have more card posted later.




仔仔:媽咪,以後再有這種人burry妳,妳跟他說:" I cannot talk to you now!"然後pretend妳smash the phone and hand up! Then 妳 walk away, a speed walk away!"

過了周日,第二天在我上班前,他起來跟我說:Have a good day, Mom!記得我尋晚同妳講D嘢啦! 唔好理D衰人!do a speed walk, walk away啦!



27 December 2008

04 December 2008

Tag - my facts!

I've been tag by Shannon..some one I met in IF community, also a great illustrator...
I am going to tell 7 interesting facts about myself..

I don't know what can I tell you? The fact is I am a terrible writer, I can't express well in lettering, mess in my grammar like my illo above, no direction in English language, blur in the air (can't think of a sentence to start for quite a long time), and empty head....perhaps my Art speak my heart are much better in wording.

I love to draw since a kid, but I don't think I am a great artist, I have never attend any art school, but I am lucky to have a day job as Graphic artist, the fact is dream does come true if you believe it! of course hard work play a big part..

I just found out something related to my health, I must look after myself well, the fact is I can't take life for granted!

At work, no one know nor believe my real age, the fact is I look young at my age!Ha..
Feel young, simple hearted, be happy and energetic is my secret of staying young! :)

I love to watch cooking shows and if the recipe trigger my temptation, regardless how late it's, I will still cooke it! The fact is I am a food lover but lousy cooker.

My last interview for my current job: They ask me why I want to work there, I said: I need a job, and you are hiring, I need income to feed my family and health benefits plan, this company can fulfill my need ! That's why. ..... They may want to hear other reason????? Are there?
Surprisingly, they hire me! The facts is I am honest.. :) of course I must been the right candidate! :)

one more fact to list,, Hmmmmm ............. the fact is I am tire, I must go to bed!

My next tag victim will be

fill the list later......ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

30 November 2008

Balloon 2

IF Second entry Balloon. First one here.
I admire some clown who can makes such creative, artistic balloon art!

28 November 2008


Special Delivery - Balloon IF
Sharon Melville tagged me and I will get on it next post, still got some goodies to collect from blogger friends, will do it on next post too. Sorry, I acknowledge all comments left on my blog, just didn't have time to get to it. I was a bit busy, sick, and petty sick....
but hopping to IF community and participate make me happy and stress free....

02 November 2008

IF - Vacant.

Away for quite sometime in the IF community..
Here goes my entry for this week - Vacant.:)

13 October 2008

A special wishes to my niece's

My niece's in KL, Malaysia is getting married in few more weeks, I am very happy for her, she sent me some beautiful pictures, I use a few to created in digital scrap booking for her.Since I can't go home to attend her special day, I am working on their love story in illustrations that she asked me to do, and I hope I can complete this favor , quite challenging task, as I am not good in drawing script story, and in continuously characters (I need to practice to have consistency characters from start to finished), but I am working very hard on it as it's to dedicated to her and her husband, plus they want to play it on their wedding day days sharing with family and guests about the trail of their love. Although I am unable to attend, I want to make it possible to fills their days with sweet and happiness memories for many many years to come..,,這幾張照片是特别為將快嫁人的姪女設計的。加拿大的每一位親人祝福這一对新人永结同心、白头偕老....我们大家替她非常高兴

05 October 2008


Sugary - IF Entry
One of my 21 days exercise illustration

27 September 2008

my graffity wall, to celebrate my 11th Wed Anni...

Love is still in the AiR...

To us : Happy 11th Anniversary...


boy boy drawings, touch up by mommy.....

21 September 2008

Clique-second entry

Realistic, You're either one of them OR one of her once........
Clique -my second IF entryHere's the first entry

third loose tooth

My boy has his third loose tooth on Sunday September the 14th..

20 September 2008

Thank you note - 特别的小禮物给特别的妳!

Clique is this week IF theme, so, I gang up with my boy on this post to express my Sincere Thanks and taking this opportunity to pass my personal note to blogger's who always count me in when any blog award going around.Special Thank You to blogger friends, Bella Sinclair in Japan and Jess in England, whom they are so kind award me this sweet blog Awards. Wonderful illustration created by Diana Evans.
Every awards count, in my view. It feel wonderful that knowing such greatest Illustrators always count me in when the awards is spreading around. We united as a whole in this blog world, it's amazing, it's make the general mood so merry go round, with this kindness going around, I endlessly say........Thank you, Terima-kasih, Xie-Xie! Bella, Jess.
May all keep the spirit going.....
so, In returns I specially asked my Boy to pass a special make heart Award with "BlogSpot Award" engraved on the heart, just wanna to share with you that your Blog is one of my frequent blog stop. To you... (sorry no link on the names yet, and I will try to leave you messages on individual blog when I have more time too,,, for now it's a list of frequent stop to the following friends..)

Sorry if I miss your name, but if you see your link on my blog rolls, you are in my favorites list!


14 September 2008

Thank you for the Award....

I am so happy when I was noticed by Faruffa, one of great Artist who awarded me this spectacular award!
I am really flatter, and knowing artist who are talented giving you the honor. Faruffa is one of the great Vector artist I known thru IF community, her artwork is always make you feel relax to look at and the artwork is full of fine details. I always love going there to take a break, and enjoy her work! Check it out if yourself...

Another illo was given to me awhile ago, created by Rizal, a friendly artist from Malaysia, he is always a gentleman who is kind and well manner, he drew this to thank you many friends who drop by his blog, I was one of them. I really admire his talents in doing such a fine line artwork! Terima-kasih, Rizal.Now I shall pass out this award to keep the spirit going... here are my lovable blog-list ..
1) FARUFFA - I too love your blog..
2) Eric
3) Jess
4) Carli
5) Bella
6) Euginia
7) Joan
8)Miss Froggie
9) Jennifer
10)Paola DG
My list could go on,,, love to list all ... I know some of the blogger already got the award, but I still want them to know they are one of my favorites!
The rules for this award are:
1-Display the logo on your blog
2-Link back to the person you received the award from
3-Nominate 7 or more other blogs
4-Put links of those blogs on yours
5-Leave a message on their blogs so they know they've been nominated.

07 September 2008

中秋節快樂 Lantern and Moon-cake Festival (IF Clutter 2)

I hope the lanterns in 1st drawing doesn't feel too clutter ( to compare with the second drawings) , or too many on there and spoil the effects of peaceful night!
Mid Autumn festival also known as Moon Cake and Lantern Festival. To learn more about Moon Festival? click here
Below are the yummy moon cakes photos that I took this morning

05 September 2008

31 August 2008

IF - Memories (2)

In that year, mom and I planted some sunflowers in our limited back yard area for the very first time. It grown so tall and it brighten up the whole yard, we both so excited seeing the flowers grow and blossom, we sat and chat for a long time while we enjoying looking at the sunflowers... and that year, mom passed away.....

Now, I plant sunflowers with my boy every summer in memory of my mom...
if you like, click on image for larger view..

29 August 2008

Memories - IF entry

Childhood memories is always naive, true , genuine , and pure. Perhaps, we the grown up need a little bit of it to keep us feel young, true and genuine!
(one of my old illo that I dedicated to a blog's pal ET)人長大了還存有童真、純真是快樂的事!

23 August 2008


I use to have weekly routine entering my illustration to IF, hopping to favorites IF artist, lately I haven't been able to do so..Because my new job is quite tie up, work long hours, plus exhausted from the office political issues.....I am overwhelm, I am tired emotionally and physically. I still debate with myself, how long can I hang on, how much I can take? I think partly is my motivation in my ability! They offer me different position than I applied for, and for them to keeping me, they still give me some design job but I hardly have time to do it, because it's not my first priority in my job list.I miss my part-time job, in small print shop and my other casual job as a general helper in my son school, I miss being left alone in my job, working with children and often go peak in my son classroom....and draw during my leisure time... Honestly, I don't like being chase with deadline, interact with too many calls and people, nor battle the field for job security, I want friendly work-mate, share work load, no competition environment ! I don't mind to be the little soldier at work, get work done, and home free..
Now I am a mother to my little prince, a career goal just not in me anymore...I know what I capable and love......it's my own family and my family members is what more important........
BTW, thanks to you who leaving nice greeting in my previous blog, I have to gather myself first, and then I will resume.
原來年級大了,又身為母親的我,對辦公室政治或者工作地位提不起勁來,煩又忙的新工作環境令我想退後。。。。。我懷念做肥師奶的日子,所以我跟老伴說:"快点去完成你的学业再回到工作戰場去,我就可以相夫教子、照厄爸和姐的起歸飲食、做回肥師奶。"(老伴在月前離開了巳工作十六年職位,因為公司前景茫茫,多次解雇,加上前陣子身體又不適,所以早点拿package再回校進修轉行。為了支特他,而我己享受了這麽多年part-time和無職 日子,該到我出來工作,真正的工作去!可惜心身似乎做不來!現在正在努力如何適應和去融入。。。唉!然道是人在江湖身不由自? 我聽說 " Life is about Choice" ? 你說呢?

26 July 2008

Canned - IF topic

This week Illustration Friday topic - CannedMy good old days back in Malaysia, we don't have lots of toys to play with, so we invent games.
One of the game with empty cans is Tip Tap Toe (there are more games with cans, let's see if I have time to draw it all out).
We uses 2 empty cans, poke a hole on the bottom of both cans, string it together with a knot at the tips of string, then check to ensure it's secure, next, step on the cans and start walking. After a good warm up, the games will begin - we will race each others! My sister's E always win the race, some kids will use bigger cans to challenge her, but the tips is use smaller cans will walk faster!
小時侯一種不用花錢的罐頭玩具,你有玩過嗎?Take this opportunity to thank you fellow blogger's Joan, and JCEBE who so kind given me the awards!
Thank you! I really appreciate this so much, so honor to be nominated by all these talented artist! Thank you! Click here for more Details.

21 July 2008

A Big Birthday wishes to Daddy..

Today July 22nd, Tuesday is daddy big big day..... A Happy Happy Birthday!
Me and mommy wishing Daddy Happy as always, healthy and safe and prosperity!
I love daddy, daddy loves me!

19 July 2008

my signature stamp .我的圖章

Just play around with my Signature stamp...........無聊假日,為自已設計圖章!

Enough- IF

One of my old drawing/ collage from the Winter time. This week IF topic - Enough Spring Angel's kissing the Lilac.
Been quite busy with new job and family, this week I just have enough time to sort out my photos folders and give some of my pictures a touch!

Click here to see more flower pictures.

18 July 2008

transform garden flowers into fashion.

I love taking pictures on flowers during Spring time, these flowers photos were taken either in my yard or around the city. Today, I scan thru my photos folder and suddenly I have an inspirations............!
I've created the floral fashion show!
Spring Angel's Kissing the flowersClivia
Chokecherry flowers