26 July 2008

Canned - IF topic

This week Illustration Friday topic - CannedMy good old days back in Malaysia, we don't have lots of toys to play with, so we invent games.
One of the game with empty cans is Tip Tap Toe (there are more games with cans, let's see if I have time to draw it all out).
We uses 2 empty cans, poke a hole on the bottom of both cans, string it together with a knot at the tips of string, then check to ensure it's secure, next, step on the cans and start walking. After a good warm up, the games will begin - we will race each others! My sister's E always win the race, some kids will use bigger cans to challenge her, but the tips is use smaller cans will walk faster!
小時侯一種不用花錢的罐頭玩具,你有玩過嗎?Take this opportunity to thank you fellow blogger's Joan, and JCEBE who so kind given me the awards!
Thank you! I really appreciate this so much, so honor to be nominated by all these talented artist! Thank you! Click here for more Details.

21 July 2008

A Big Birthday wishes to Daddy..

Today July 22nd, Tuesday is daddy big big day..... A Happy Happy Birthday!
Me and mommy wishing Daddy Happy as always, healthy and safe and prosperity!
I love daddy, daddy loves me!

19 July 2008

my signature stamp .我的圖章

Just play around with my Signature stamp...........無聊假日,為自已設計圖章!

Enough- IF

One of my old drawing/ collage from the Winter time. This week IF topic - Enough Spring Angel's kissing the Lilac.
Been quite busy with new job and family, this week I just have enough time to sort out my photos folders and give some of my pictures a touch!

Click here to see more flower pictures.

18 July 2008

transform garden flowers into fashion.

I love taking pictures on flowers during Spring time, these flowers photos were taken either in my yard or around the city. Today, I scan thru my photos folder and suddenly I have an inspirations............!
I've created the floral fashion show!
Spring Angel's Kissing the flowersClivia
Chokecherry flowers

17 July 2008

Exercise Continue 1

This was one of my 21 days exercise illo, I drew this about 2 months now, just starting to dig them out to finish. I have quite a few of them, try to find time to finished them all, most of them have not been posted yet! Here is one!
Today, I colored one Alpha Angel, Angel A in PSD.

12 July 2008

Foggy - IF topic

July 13 is my Eldest sister's birthday.
Happy Birthday to you, SIS!

09 July 2008

Thank you for the Awards, friends!

My mommy - May Chan is honored to received an Award From Talented artist- Jess . Eric . Carli , Bella and Eugenia Gina, that she met through I.F. (she fainted when she received the noticed) I, Boy(her son) Thank you on her behalf..謝謝大家! Xie-Xie(Thanks in Mandarin)

Special Note from Mommy to Jess . Eric . Carli , Bella , Eugenia Gina:

"I am so honored, flatter to received this awards from All four talented and creative artists.

Jess a creative lady from England, Eric talented artist that love by the crowd From Texas, Beautiful young looking mom's and creative artist Carli from USA, Bella, a wonderful lady I knew, multiple talents artist who always leaving me encouraging words, she is living in Japan and Eugenia Gina from Indonesia, smart and talented freelance illustrator's who give birth to "Ben The Bear books". Check them out, you will see!

I always enjoy their art-blog so much, it's fun hopping to each of their art-blog and seeing very inspiring artwork that they always share in their blog. They deserved this award Best ! Thank you, this really mean alot when nominated by great artist like you"

The rules of accepting are as follows:-
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

My list have more than 7 Super Nominees, I go beyond the set #.. and I still left out many, by all mean, you are still in my best list!
Here are my nominees list:
Ms Froggie, Pati, Jennifer, Kelly, Itziar, Rizal, Mika, Flora, Abigal, Zari, Ryan, Sherry R and....

(Ah Yu 妳有份,不過妳已收到了, E.T 同 Maria 点少的妳們呀! )..

08 July 2008

Calgary Stampede 2008 卡加利牛仔節

YEEEEE Hawwwww
Howdy Folks. It's Calgary Stampede Time, come join us the world largest outdoor event!
Check it out here!
. I will upload pictures later

05 July 2008

Sour - IF

Do you add Sour cream in mashed potatoes?
Entry for this week IF topic. (I don't want to miss another week IF entry)Hehe, I started another new job yesterday as Desktop Publisher (quit my part-time Graphic Artist job that I just worked for a month), now with a bigger Printing company- Riley's reproductions and printing.
I am learning to set up big format printing machine, more things to learn and growth. Oh! better pay and benefits are the reasons I join the company.
I really enjoy it!


02 July 2008

no clue.

I have no clue what I am drawing, just bored and scribble.....

01 July 2008