23 September 2012

21 September 2012

Abacus lesson -仔仔學打算盤,珠心算

Next week, Ar boy will go to Abacus class with his dad, hope this will help improve his math skill, agility, quick in calculation . 學打算盤,珠心算。盼仔仔早D學下精打细算,唔好好似一做math homework就 stone 曬!

19 September 2012

Dad passing 100 days..今天爸爸走了一百天


Today,  it's father passed away 100 days, we believed after 100 days of passing, all the energy or some call spirit will completed gone in the air..  and we know he is in the Western Paradise with mom..
There are still nights I think about dad and cried, I missed him, and I wish there are still chances for me to show my love and care to him,,

I don t think I have done enough, I know! All my sisters and friends will disagree..

It s hard to say good bye to your love one, its never easy, no matter how much you think you are prepared for it..

Again, I must not let this emotional mood cause my dad soul to be in peace.

"Dad, I am all right, only some night, I just have a moody night moment, but tears is part of my healing therapy, other than flipping through your picture that mostly taken by me.. ..
Good nite.."

Cheers & with love,
Your youngest daughter.