31 May 2008

IF - Baby part 2

Day 27 exercise
Baby (IF entry-Part 2)
Scan ink sketch color in PSD

30 May 2008

IF - Baby part 1

This week IF topicclick image for larger view.......


29 May 2008

Umbrellas 雨傘

Day 25- Umbrellas
Last week it was raining for 5 days in a roll, kids in school carrying all kind of cute, different patterns umbrellas to school.
The play ground fill with colorful umbrellas, the children still finds lots of fun in the rain.



28 May 2008

Cake for me! 吃大餐去!

Sign of Aging??
老天呀!頭上巳長两條白髮呀!老伴快帮我拿剪刀過來呀!Another year has gone by, perhaps, I've grown wiser.... ....
Have a cakes. All for me. Total cupcakes= Today age.... I am making a wish.... I wish I wish..
Quick sketch and color in psd, 25 minutes....... I have another one painted in Acrylic, will post up later..


27 May 2008

Early Dimentia

I constantly needed my Timer to remind me one thing of another..
Is there anything to do with age?唉!好多時候都需要計時鐘提醒我現在、等下、巳经、快点去做這做那的,要不然就好傢之前曾發生過鍋子煲的湯煲焦了、洗衣機的衣服洗好多天忘了拿出來、我是否有早期失憶症?


26 May 2008

Continue my exercise

I drew this 2 weeks ago. When I was shopping with my father, I saw 3 Hutterite girls were standing on the side walk waiting for their ride, I quickly drew a rough sketch, I love their outlooks, all the girls were wearing same pokka dots head bands and different pattern skirt with apron.
You all know I love working with pattern.
I outline in PSD, then I duplicates it and finished (above illo) with different style and patterns!Thanks for the beautiful comments and encouraging messages, I really enjoy doing the exercise along with all the talented illustrators, I've gain a lots of confidence and joy with the exercise. Thanks you all!Today is Monday... 2 more days to go for a special day....
My sketched - My niece's and my mom and her 2 weirdo Geese pets. Will tell more later once I finish it!


25 May 2008

Final day for 21 days exercise. Part 2 IF entry

Today is my final day for 21 days exercise, what will happen next? I wonder!No WORRIES! I said to myself. I will continue the exercise program, I like to thanks Gina and Alicia post an invitation to fellow blogger to join the exercise. This program has inspire me to draw, to practice to become great artist. Through this exercise, I have gain more confidence in my drawings, most joyful is to get to know so many great artist along with exercise, everyone is always come to cheer, to support and encourage you, praising your work and it move you to draw, I really loving the exercise, I will continue the exercise.
The illos were one of my exercise illo, now I have finished it in color (PSD)
Like the girl above, it will be a happy trail with this continuous exercise. For next few days I will have more (previous sketches exercise illo) finished colored illos to post, because next few days is quite an important day for me! See Ya!
(click on the image for larger size)

Original sketched on Day 15 , Do you remember I had hard time to finished the bike? Look! I finished it!
Specially dedicate this illo to my sister's in Malaysia, thanks, sis, for calling and for the gift!


24 May 2008

Day 20 exercise

Below illustration were drew in my Facebook graffiti wall today. Two entry for latest Graffiti topics.
BeesStick man.

Do you draw on your Facebook graffiti wall?

The tool is very limited in Facebook Graffiti Wall, yet there are so many fantastic drawings done by greatest Facebook artist with just simple way to draw. I have trouble in the beginning, where I got so use to Photoshop, like layers, color selection, brushes, pattern and many many more to help me draw to compare with Facebook graffiti program.
The Graffiti wall have only one type of brush, can be resize different point size, some colors selection and adjust opacity, that's all the tool to draw!
However, I slowly got use to it as it's like going back the old way of drawing, I really enjoy it, because it's more challenging!


23 May 2008

IF - Worry (Day 19 execise-part 2)

IF Topic- Worry--Turn on your speaker while you are here, enjoy the music that go along with my illustration, ya!It been raining for almost 4 days now, (light rain) No Worry ! (click image for larger view) I love hearing the sound of rain, the rhythm of rain. Listern to each falling rain Tic Tac Tic Tac.. lalala..

Original sketch.


Day 19 exercise

Day 19 exercise....
Illo 1 about the first day first time I landed in the Western world- My first impression in Calgary.
Illo 2: A simple sketches---> By the pond!


21 May 2008

IF - Wide (part 2)------- Wider hand

My second entry for IF- Wide
Every time when I heard any tragic, disasters news, I feel so helpless, yet the same time, my mind is to have wider and longer hands, to hug to gather each and all my family members and friends, to wrap them around ensuring they are all safe....(This is the moment I felt each time I hear bad news around us or happen in world wide. Did this illo last week, I think it fit in for this week IF topic- WIDE.) This illo tribute to victims and people in Sichuan, China and Myanmar, Burma. Please lend a helping hand, send your wishes and generosity to people in Sichuan and Myanmar. Thank you and God Bless!


Day 18 (part2) - mom and son team up!

To FoongMood's Wife, Happy Belated Birthday!
祝阿馮的老婆,生日快樂!On exercise day 16, I inspired using my boy drawings and color it myself, we continue to team up again . My boy copy drawing this fish from a book I bought for him last weekend. After he had done the drawings, he got me to scan it and I play with the patterns and colored it today!



Day 18 exercise part 1

Day 18...
I open Photoshop, thinking to create more personal pattern, end up created this artwork !
No title yet.. any suggestion?
While in the process to make the pattern, I suddenly convert the half done work into 4 seasons artwork, but before I finished it, I added the birdy, now about Love !!?? Just me, with no glue , no rule, no direction, no vision, no fix mind......... but I do have fun, about 30 minutes fun!


19 May 2008

Day 17 exercise

Today sketches..One of the blogger friend's asked me long time ago to draw a Moo Moo reading newspaper, here goes, sorry it takes so long. I will color it later for her, OK Mama-Bok?

My husband think I have improved my drawing time, but he asked how come he never in my drawing?? Yar.. I guess he is right... I better include him... hmm. I can't draw men... he doesn't look mature, but he look rather young and funny, and that's not quite him though! LOL...Above drawing done a while ago, special wishes to a blogger friend's - E.T.
The above pictures were drawn in my Facebook Graffiti wall..


18 May 2008

IF - Wide ------- World Wide Web....

Wide - IF entryMany of you come form different Continent, and through the World Wide Web, we get to meet and enjoy each other art-work...thanks to Illustration Friday!.....

Through World Wide Web, we're the world, we are the people, let's lend a helping hand, send your wishes and generosity to people in Sichuan and Myanmar. God bless us all!



16 May 2008

Day 16 exercise - New Inspiration.

When my boy draw something, it will be the same theme for few days, this time he drew fishes in fish tank for days...!!
Today, when I scan and open his drawing ready to post, I look and look, again fish tank!!?!! Suddenly! Ting!Ting!! I thought why don't I color it? With his innocent and pure simplicity drawings and with my maturity (not old) and knowledge in digital painting , what a combination! So I paint this in Photoshop, I keep it as simple as possible (finished in 20 minutes), and try to paint what in my son eyes of world.. It's a goldfish tank with one tadpole. Below is his original drawing.Below is my work for today, from sketch to color all in Photoshop.
It's about my boy Moods, he is so happy it's a long long weekend start today! Like my husband always says to him, "When there's school, we learn hard, when there's no school, we play hard! And there he go..Enjoy!


14 May 2008

15/21 days exercise.

When I draw this, I have hard time to think how to draw the bike properly, where to put the pedal, how much body length .. .. It look ok in sketch without detail on the bike, but when come to color, will be a challenge..
Below is my boy art-work. Fish Tank..
He still do the 21 days exercise, but this week, he got lot of school work and review to do, so, he is tired sitting down too long..I also drew this illo today (previous post posted full illo) after reading , hearing news everywhere since Tuesday, our prayer goes to the Country..


請為四川災民祈禱... Please Pray for Sichuan people

Sichuan, China - A powerful earthquake toppled buildings, schools and chemical plants Monday in central China, killing more than 12,000 people and trapping untold numbers in mounds of concrete, steel and earth in the country's worst quake in three decades.
Please pray for this people and their family......
World vision

13 May 2008

IF - Electricity - Day 14

Those days without electricity.. this week IF topic.My Auntie use Kerosene lamp, and they use heavy, hot Cast Iron for ironing ( put in burning charcoal to heat the cast iron.. Can you imagine lifting the iron constantly and heated pot by your side??)
I remembered the lamp attract lots of bugs too.. wing wing buzzzzzzzzz..Burning charcoal for the cast ironing.

This is my day 14 exercise, pencil sketched, I will find time to touch it up later or maybe will color it too!


12 May 2008

Day13 exercise and a lovely mother's day gift.

Day 13/21
I try to draw proper posture, at least the hands and the legs and in right proposition, but it's very difficult to keep them perfect at all time, spend lots of time too..While I drew the above illo, I felt quite emotional, I wish I have wings and fly up high search the key to an answer......
Last week, our emotional is making us weak to make a decisions, we need conscious.. we may have it now..maybe.. I drew this without proper posture, just straight hand and leg, I find it's easier to finished a drawing like this...
Mother's Day Gift from my boy
My boy make this bookmark for me in his Kindergarten class last week, he only let me open it yesterday (for mother's day gift on mother's day!). I almost cry when I read what he wrote, only because he wrote it with a bit help on the spelling from the teacher (he said so, I still wonder.. :P ). I cried because 8 months ago, he can't even write his name right, now, he can spell and write in full sentences.......