23 March 2006

仔仔生日怏樂 Happy Birthday My dearest son

Happy Birthday My dearest son. 仔仔生日怏樂、聽教聽話、快高長大、身體健康‧

仔仔﹕"錦旣咩! - "之後送幾份舊嘅toy比我 ???" 唉!好過無啦!
My boy turn 4 today. In his playchool today, teachers and kids sung him a birthday song and give him a card, he was so exited .
He then asked me:"Mommy, I've got a present. Birthday get present."
Mommy:"Not really, when it's your birhtday, I am the one get the present, I was in so many hours of labour pain when I give birth, so Mommy should be getting present. I was in pain but joyful when see you born, today it's an Appreciation day to your mom, so I should get a present."
Son:" it that so? OK." he then pick up some used toy for me...

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