25 April 2012

Mumbling - life is a bitch..

Already close to month end- April..
I have been quite busy, my oldest sister is here to take care father who has Cadillac surgery on both eyes.
He recovered quite nicely because my Superb Sister is taking good care of him. She actually volunteer staying in the Senior home with my father to look after him carefully, making sure he is speedy recovery before she flys home to KL.

My father is so blessed to have a caring and loving daughter like her, my sister have being so great, she always here for the family, she is not just taking care father, but she is also doing it for us, so we can take a break from looking after father, she is here to relieved us, she always being a thoughtful person. Big Thanks to her and I believe my sister being living so great because this is her Karma.

I too thank you this life, because it has being good and continue good.. I appreciate life and I value my family, my other half, my dearest son and health.. but I am facing a life change with my health..

Mind you I find myself is facing a big challenges in my health changed, perhaps I am going into the next phrase of my life - that is Old Age?

I  sported some Grey hairs, and my period is not as normal, metabolism is slower, then in some night I think I started to get hot flashes!!! The worst is my mood swing quite a bit, poor people who is around me, I fuss my boss who gave me so much RUSH work, I fuss my colleagues somewhat not meeting my expectation. I fuss my son who is so absent minded, I fuss my husband for almost everything (I just warned them tonight to stay away from me, I am mad with no reason, so they go hide), I fuss my other sister's Mia when she asks too many question, I even fuss on a client who is trying to design his company logo..because he is too picky, so I lose patient with him, he complained about me to Boss, but all my colleague understand my mood swing because no one can do my Design work ! My work is always back loaded, so they are petty me and putting up with me!  my brain juice is getting less and less day by day.. Soon I will join my father in the Dementia Home Care..

I know I am very bad,, but I think I blame my hormone,, not me! Is this starting of Menopause ? but I thought Menopause start around age 50!

I think I have to find way to accept next phase of my life,, manage my Menopause by changing my life style, my diet and exercise more......

Pray, Change, Live.