18 March 2006

Birthday Party

Party DayWhat a day... Brayden's birthday party just over, it was great but I'm exhausted...
We had an early birthday party for him this weekend with family. He had a great time but I having back ache after working all day preparing and cooking! Anyway, I have a lots of great time too and fun entertaining.

me and my Zoo pals
(paper plate, a commercial he saw on the t.v) and when we went to Dollarmania on Thursday, there are so much to see and all for $1/. When he saw the zoo pals paper plate, he ask whether he can get it for his party? I permited since it cost only a dollar (8 plated per pack). We took 2 packs and we pick up few more things too, good deal compare to most stores.
But when the till signs said "CASH ONLY" I quickly put most stuffs back the shelf, I have only 5 dollars cash lah. Then my boy question: "how come you always no money in your purse, mom??" I said: "Coz..."
Ya lah, why? because in this millinium, you don't need cash, just credit card Mar..


Twinsmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Brayden D:

yoo... the plate soooooooooooo cute!!! 给我我不舍得用了 :D.

Blogie-Talkie said...

Thanks twinsmom,but his actual date is on Thursday, I told him this is the day to appreciated his mom day. Mom had a painful labour day last for 6 hours and then the following days is no good either... Got to train him soon to know not just receiveing presents day lah, give, give me hugs and loves too. (what a mom)