05 December 2012

my cooking buddy illo - Beary Good

 My cooking buddy illo

今天我畫了我的Cooking Buddy - Beary Good ‧

Stretch my sketch. IF - Dec 2012

Quick draw in Ai program, but spent quite a bit of time to paint digitally in PSD.

Every time I draw on paper or digital, I stretch my creativity but age may be a big factor now, because the creative juice is getting lower years by years.

03 December 2012

I am who I am

Of course, I am a little fatter, my hair are thinner, my my r r rr,  maybe a little older from this illustration!  :(


Graffiti - my Dec Facebook Graffiti - Click Here to view my illustration flippy.

02 December 2012

my graffit in FB

click  HERE to view in FB flash animation of how this illo created.

29 November 2012

I love ChuiMei Sponge Cake

ChuiMei make me a Sponge cake last week.. so delicious and can't get enough of it,,

My 2013 Calendar in Phase 2 stage

Working on my 2013 Calendar.
I want to do something different for this year Calendar, buying the stands cost lots of money when I order only small quantity. However, I found a photo stand in Dollarama, I am thinking to drill 2 holes on top, insert rings and prints. To make a flip Calendar with stand, but drilling a hole to the Acrylic stand is a challenged. I am still stretching my design idea by
using this Acrylic stands.

For now, I just insert one page and using a clip to hold the rest of the pages behind it, this is my Phase 2 stage, I hope to create something nice and finalize the product very soon.
I know is it a little late to work on the Calendar, but it should make it for Christmas Present.

难得有一天假,可以陪仔仔在家休息, 很珍惜、很滿足呀!

Day off - Another day snowing day

Good day to stay home today. 
 Thanks to Boss and colleagues approved a day off, so I can stay home with my Lil boy today. It's snow again, beautiful but inconvenient.
Hope Hubby have a good walk today.

13 November 2012

working on 2013 calendar

Start to doodling some artwork for 2013 calendar.
I know it's abit late,  but I wanna to draw and see if I will make it before December..

Slow at work - start doodling..

Quite slow at work lately, so I was doing some doodling..
Using brush strokes in AI and transfer the outline illo to PSD for coloring..
 I bought a Crepe Machine months ago, so I was making lots of crepe for family and friends..
I love crepe, I am getting good at spreading the battle but the utensil is not big enough.

Too much snow and cold day these days, Winter starts early and I am looking forward for a nice cool Spring to arrive.

Happy Doodling.. please note this is copyright to May C 2012.

21 September 2012

Abacus lesson -仔仔學打算盤,珠心算

Next week, Ar boy will go to Abacus class with his dad, hope this will help improve his math skill, agility, quick in calculation . 學打算盤,珠心算。盼仔仔早D學下精打细算,唔好好似一做math homework就 stone 曬!

19 September 2012

Dad passing 100 days..今天爸爸走了一百天


Today,  it's father passed away 100 days, we believed after 100 days of passing, all the energy or some call spirit will completed gone in the air..  and we know he is in the Western Paradise with mom..
There are still nights I think about dad and cried, I missed him, and I wish there are still chances for me to show my love and care to him,,

I don t think I have done enough, I know! All my sisters and friends will disagree..

It s hard to say good bye to your love one, its never easy, no matter how much you think you are prepared for it..

Again, I must not let this emotional mood cause my dad soul to be in peace.

"Dad, I am all right, only some night, I just have a moody night moment, but tears is part of my healing therapy, other than flipping through your picture that mostly taken by me.. ..
Good nite.."

Cheers & with love,
Your youngest daughter.

14 August 2012



My father had passed away close to 2 months now, time sure flied,,
in Buddhism, after 49 days of passing, the soul and energy will be reincarnated, we believed our beloved good hearted father is gone to Buddha world, he is gone with the wind to the Western Paradise..
We missed him and in Peace knowing he is in good place..
p/s: 畫中詞前幾段是copy 王菲"天空"歌詞

29 July 2012

Canola field 2012

The boys and I went to the field again, my friend S join in with her son N..
Here're some of the pictures I photograph today, and I got sun burn on my left arm..
but it's all worth it..
 Just love this photo.. snap hundreds of photos, but only few that I find is nice,,
My boys..

My boy and his buddy, they both tired posing, but I capture this moment and edit the photo..

My friend S and her boy.

28 July 2012

eulogy that written by my niece's

This is the eulogy that written by my niece's Elaine and presented by my nephew Scott in my father memorial service in Calgary.. finally have time to put in together and share..

24 July 2012

五 ‧ 七


23 July 2012

Canola field - Calgary

I took a day off today, to spend some time with my sister before she leaves. I drove to Canola field to snap some pictures with her. I also hired 2 boys, my son and his buddy to pose for my camera..
Here's some pictures that will bring us many returns in future..

02 July 2012

永远懷念爸爸。我爸爸life係 Well Lived.

明天是老斗過身第二個星期,我们也开始resume regular routine..不過心中很想念老斗。
多谢家姐、老公、仔仔互相关懷,慢慢放下放心,因為老斗life係 Well Lived,而佢老人家十分好又善心,一定带走好多公德到另一个極樂世界了,我應该替老斗开心!
In memory of my father, may you be with mother in western paradise..
We missed you! 

27 June 2012

Are we ever prepare enough?

Finally today I can have a quiet time for myself to rest and relief, my eyes is quite weak due to too many days of crying and stress. father is finally in peace, I am trying to rest so I can resume my usual activity.

The passed week was overwhelm for me and family, so thankful to Brother Max and Sister Ping coming from out of country and state to join us here to help, to mourn to walk together to say goodbye to father.
And I know Brother Leong who is still in Malaysian anxious to take part, he is mourning yet he is preparing for father last wishes, awaiting father urns to returns home, so that father can be re-united with mother in KL.

Do you know how much you know or how much you prepare for your final destiny?

There's never enough preparation, especially emotionally.
Everyone telling us how our father lived well, lived long, and he is in good place now.
We thought we are prepared as well, knowing he will be gone one day due to old age...
But it's never easy to say goodbye.

During this difficult time, you will need support, helping hand and some ceremony help to mourn. We had a simple Memorial service to to say goodbye, or to have it  to celebrate his life well lived.

I have all that, Thanks to my dear friend Jessie who help so much during the funeral service, thanks for her and her husband big heart for not being superstitious and go extra mile to help us running a smooth memorial services process. Thanks to Mimi who looking after my boy so we can have flexible hours to take care my father funeral services.

Thanks to My dear husband with me all this time, especially during the moment we held on to father hand to say goodbye.. it was hard, it was sad,, and my husband were there to support, to care..

A big thanks to my sister's E who looking after father everyday so that family member who have their own family can have excuses for not being there for father daily...

Of course there are many many of relative and friend offer their comfort to us in many different way...
There isn't enough Thank you for me and family to express...

I missed my father dearly, and hope he soon be reunited with mother....

老斗在Calgary 的身後事已辦妥

老斗在Calgary 的身後事已辦妥。大姐同二家姐会将老斗的 Urns 带回大馬交回大哥哥守孝,同時也会有為老斗舉行追思會,讓大馬子
Our father is rest in peace and awaiting to go home to KL, Malaysia to be reunited with our mother, Our Brother Leong is awaiting and preparing father Urns to returns. Brother, thanks for everything..
And to whom who came to the funeral service with your generous donation, to whom who post your sympathy, and phone texting during our time of loss. Your presence and your kind words are of great comfort to us. Thank you. 
p/s: Collected memorial donation will be donated to Wing Kei Senior Home and CCES Calgary.. Thank you for your generosity.
Above images from: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/sympathy-thank-you-cards.html

21 June 2012



(多謝三姐Taiwan朋友 "立麒" 送上畫中那段致詞。


02 June 2012

"Hurry Up - Catch Up " - IF entry

This week IF entry_ Hurry 

I love pattern fills, just love to fill  in different patterns.

Me and my boy are quite lazy exercising, my hubby always tell us "Hurry Up - Catch Up " lets get out and do some exercise...  coz he walks at least few hours a day on his job..



weekend leisure illo..

29 May 2012


This week IF entry topic - Faded.......... Do you know what is it like when your memories is slowly fading away?

My father is a Dementia patient, he is slowly losing memory, he cannot remembered much.
Most of the precious memory is slowly fading away..
Fortunetly he is a happy goes lucky person, he didn't make it looks so fear and unbearable, we treasure his presents and make the best of it..
Thanks father, you will be ok..

28 May 2012

Relax at home..

Took a day off, thinking to do thing I wanna do without the boy, visit father or go visit hubby at work..
but poor little boy is sick, strep throat... so, stay home, eat, cook, relax, draw.. Sheep Baa Baa.. my favorites...