20 November 2011

my Sunday Leisure - photo + illustration.

My relaxing time is to draw, tea and reading my cooking books..

add a touch to my photo with illustration..
Sunday Leisure - Photo + Photoshop

My boy loves Wimpy Kid movie and books, he asked me to buy this book for him, he wants to learn  jotting down happenings like the Whimpy kid..

He can't stop reading about it, and start writing about it!
he loves this book and can't get his hand off,, he starts to jot down and draw like this is his journal..

have any inspiration, Son?

this is another decorations I did on Saturday night.. not perfect deco,, need lots of practice.
with my iIcon 5500 I boutght this hand painted ceramic in second hand store.
I love the colours and steady hand painted artwork. I love this bowl,, I will start to do one myself when I find time.

14 November 2011

An Owls family in 4 season

This week IF Illustration Topic..
Silent  not sure is this illo fit in the topic, but It's been awhile entering my drawing to IF.. I miss it a lot..
Hope you like it!

My leisure time - I am an Owl illo  lover..

11 November 2011

06 November 2011

weekend leisure-my photo+ illustration.

I still can't figure out all the setting in my Nikon 5100, so, just shoot the pictures and edit in my Photoshop, then added some of my illo for final touch!
Weekend Leisure - ... with my Nikon 5100.

05 November 2011

My newest toy.

My dear husband bought me a nice camera, Nikon D5100.So, I was anxious to play and shoot pictures with my collections.
Most of the time, I have no clue on all the camera language, like what is AF, P.. and when or what setting for ISO, Aperture, , all I want is to shoot close up picture like picture in magazine or in other bloggers that post pretty pictures on their web page.
I have lots to learn, need to start from the basic..All these picture being touch up in my PSD, I just want to looks like a pro pictures, or picture that bright my day...
Enjoy!Kitty n Fishy