14 October 2006

welcome my Sister Ping in Calgary

My oldest sister's came to visited us from Malaysia, and she arrived safely yesterday and will spend the next five weeks with us in Calgary. Ever since she retired, she come here every year, like going home to her own home she said.We love to see her spending sometime with us, I am taking every opportunity to snap the precious moment as we only get to see each other once a year.

**I miss both of my oldest brothers, brother Leong is in KL Brother Max is in Vancouver. I wish I wish both of their family is here with us, I will celebrate this precious time together_ A big Reunion Party .
I pray hard.....Here some photos to share with my family and friends.
more to come............

01 October 2006

秋天來了 Autumn in Calgary

秋天來了............Autumn 树叶由绿已轉成金黃色,當风輕輕地一吹,D叶就一片一片往下飘,彷彿黃金從天掉落地。
而我就幻想到好似一片一片黃金向我處係咁下跌,好興奮!快D叫呀仔仔去拿。。。收起幾袋有排發呀! (到時再分D俾親朋好友,餘一两包俾Auntie Maria啦(助你一把發達捷徑))!
可惜................ 夢到精采果時就夢幻泡影...............原來只不過樹叶一堆咋!唉!冇計!為有繼續Falls in Calgary
During every Autumn season's, Most trees around the city change to yellow colors, just like golden trees stand on the ground, waiting for people to reach out. Dreamer like me imagine the gold just waiting to be pick and are to be spend for the rest of life.. easy money........ no stress no work no worry..........
But once I awake ,, tones of dry leave to be sweep away and pack,,, no more GOLD,, but Garbage.........
There are no Maple trees able to grow in Prairie land like in Calgary, Alberta. Not like in the Ontario, East coast Canada, Maple trees everyway, the leaves turn into red, orange and yellow color,, very pretty......

有 金 執 呀! GOLD,, Falling from the Sky,, I am rich!
睇清楚D!Take a closer look !!树叶咋唉!
Oh Man! Just dried leaves ker?! where got Gold?!
Fanmama, can you find golden leave in your city??
Please show me Autumn in Japan