23 March 2012

Big Day for Boy...

 A important Tenth Birthday for my boy. A big Ten..
Time flies, it's ten year already..
I always remind my boy about birthday is not a day to receive wishes and gift for himself, it's a day he should appreciate Life and be thankful to his parent, especially I am the mom who give birth and I went through 7 hours of Labor pain.. : ) Yar?

 This morning he sent me an email and said He loves me and Daddy...

Daddy left a note on the table this morning to wish him..

06 March 2012

我的軟糖藝術品 My Cake Art Gallery..and more

My latest hot Hobby - Using Fondant As clay... 
做糖果的奶油質面團 - 我的軟糖藝術品
I wonder how long it will last me.... But I do wish I have a chance to work in Cake shop just to Decorate cakes, coz I can't bake, I can learn, but my interest is in Decorating the cake..
My Cake Art Gallery..This is all my Edible Art. I started using Fondant as a clay to make some cute figurines..这是我最近着迷的手藝
All my stand by Fondant Figurines...小小动物手藝
Bears, when I started using Fondant as Clay, I tried to make some bear, about 3 inches long. it was hard to mold... I did 3 and decide to do something simple to create. BearBear熊很难做呀,只做三个沒再做了。
This is another Cake Art - Fondant. I create this for my buddy birthday, the cake size is about 5 inches, the figurine is about 1 inch or less.
This is one of the Cake Art I did, do you know the size is quite small as show on my picture.
these are my cookies cutters, some bought new that is on Sales, some second hand. see,  I don't spend a fortune on hobby... I know I spend quite a bit..
Another  Hobby - Cup n Mug collection..
This is part of my Cup n Mug Collection, Some were a gift from friends, some new but most of mug n cup were found in second hand store.. can't spend a fortune in my hobby, Hubby get heartache when he sees me bring home mugs.. then he asks me to clean up the Cabinet .. but the cup cost me less than 50cents or no more than 2 bucks each..I can't resist good n pretty cup or mug, dear.

 Sunday  Break 周未清
Most of the Weekend, I rather stay home, especially my boy loves staying home and looking forward to play his computer or video games. He only allowed to play during weekend, 3 times a day, an hour each time.
More on Winter days,  just love to staying home in my cozy pajamas, and enjoy my free day with food and sweet.

But when I am home free and Relax, I feel guilty not being able share with my father, I can bring him home thought.. but he sleeps all the time, and not so mobile..honestly, I admit I am lazy too, lazy to go out in the cold.... Guilty I am..

爸Sorry..每个星期只看你一次,一到周未懒的出門,尢其冬天,雖然您每分钟都睡,行动不好也不成理由不探您,这星期帶您回家共亨清鬆 (不過您一向都清鬆 喔,那就享受不同好清鬆 吧!)

This is Filipino Sweet Bun , go so well with Afternoon Tea.
Coffee Break
Love Weekend, cos this is my treats.. Cheese cake n my Blue mountain Coffee.

This is a cake I did for Isabella 1st Birthday, I snap some picture before I send her this, but cannot find the image, may have being deleted.. Sigh!

Daily EQ challenges..每天都有不同人生測驗題

每天都有不同人生測驗題,考考EQ,Sigh! 唯有努力学习吧!