31 March 2006

今日一笑 - 擲雞蛋

仔仔去年钟意睇Land Before Times 卡通片‧睇到恐龍時代D恐龍仔從蛋孵出‧十分有趣‧

有一日仔仔從嫲嫲屋企番來時拿咗一包塑造的蛋仔玩具‧仔仔对我講 Land Before Times 卡通片中的little foot係由蛋中出來、講一大堆嘢.... 之後我去煮飯吃‧


媽咪: 妳做乜嘢咁曳、将D玩具擲哂落地下?

仔仔: D恐龍仔出世嗎,睇!" 之後將D蛋大力一擲‧跌咗地上時,D蛋打开,有隻玩具恐龍仔跌出來、仔仔大声叫 : 出世啦!出世啦!


排排坐 食果果 My boy arranged the eggs and took this pictures


Twinsmom said...


1+2mom said...

You better becareful, maybe one day he will take the egg to throw on the floor and call you to see. He will ask : why no dinasour inside the egg?..hehe..see how you'll answer him.

Zara's Mama said...

He has so many dinasaur eggs!! So cute and colourful!

Your whole family is with you in Canada?

shiaulin said...


Blogie-Talkie said...

Twinsmom,Shiaulin,1+2mom, Zara'mama

Lets find out together.蛋丢落地下会係点..
let me get some of this toy mail it out for all of you. start to give them this concept, they may crack your real egg too. Ya??

no other respond... other than

Zara's mama
Yes, me with 1 brother 2 sisters and my father migrated here many years ago. just my oldest brother and sister living in Malaysia.
This are easter toy eggs, it's my son who put the tiny dinasour inside the egg, close it and smash on the floor for it to crack...

Greenapple said...

love those easter eggs. might buy some for decorative purposes.

Blogie-Talkie said...

it's colorful.