07 February 2010

Chinese New Year greeting card

Another CNY greeting card just finished today. Edit my html and I did not complete because all side bar when to the bottom,, I am terrible in editing the html and CSS..

06 February 2010

農曆新年快到,我向大家拜年先!Happy CNY

Chinese New Year is around the corner, year of TIGER.Best wishes to my family, friend and fellow blogger a Happy, Prosperity, Safe and a peace New year!

Give away bag by Martina

Another give away bag by Martina.
Check it out, how can you resist this beautiful hand make bag..

05 February 2010

Sam hobby - Salt water creatures - Electric Flame Scallop

Every Friday after school, father and son will browse the pet/Aquarium store looking for sea creatures, and they bought home this little creature.... Electric Flame Scallop..

Every Weekend, Ah Boy like to have half cook egg (medium rare) for his morning breakfast, I train him to eat when he was little, I told him most of the Malaysian like to eat this for breakfast.
To flavor the egg, add a touch of white pepper and soya sauce, it's ready to serve! Don't forget to serve with Toasted or Steam Kaya bread.. Yumm

Wanna join me?
仔仔最喜歡食生熟蛋‧麵包當早餐,因为媽咪╴我教佢食馬來西亞人喜爱的飲食習慣,佢算係半个Malaysian Chinese boy mar!

03 February 2010

Mood - eagle to draw something because the fire is on..

A quick sketch..
Chatting with my niece in Singapore about my dream job, I hope to set up a on line sale shop to start selling my illustration on print and on other product as well,,, keep the fire on,, I want to make this long time goal coming true..

I really love this picture, taken on my niece wedding day. Ah By love Kaya bread, especially Malaysian Bread, he will eat it day and night! Thanks to my sister Mia bought this lovely handsome shirt and bow tie for him in Taiwan..