31 May 2009

Illustration - IF - Adapt

Hello Everyone, it's being a while I posted in IF. How do you do?
I am sure everyone can adapt to the Summer season easily after a long cold Winter and rainy Spring !

*** Fa La La **** Fa La La ****

illustration 01

this is to Bella Sinclair and June Lim, whom always take time to visit and leaving nice comments.
She is one smart and generous person and definitely with kind heart. Thanks Bella for being so kind and your visit is always so warm!
It's being a while I post my artwork, it's Sunday the 31st, last day of May.. Time flies like Bullet jet! Let not waste time, and enjoy your time!
Wishing all a happy weekend and joyful day!

28 May 2009

Today is an extraordinary regular weekday

A regular weekday but sort of extraordinary day! I must document this to be reminded how lucky and fortunate I am. To my family and a few good friends, Thanks for being there and giving me endless love!



18 May 2009

Mother's day Gift..

2009 Mother's day gifts from my boy.Letter to mommy..
and thanks to Terrick leaving me such lovely note.
Bella, I am a bit lazy, busy... ok, I will soon post some artwork here, Thanks for dropping by!
You such wonderful person...


03 May 2009

Food goody

Sunday Brunch.........
Hmm.. What is it?? something about a story I am going to tell.