20 March 2006

Market Mall

After Tang's(hubby) came home from work, he took us out to the Mall, we need to refund few things we bought last few weeks, plus it's Pasta day in Chianti (all pasta food for $6.50), taking us out for Italian food for tonight dinner.
We went to Market Mall, Hei's favourites malls, today he is anxious to go out where yesterday he refused to go, wanna to stay home play with his new birthday toys. Why ?? Kids dreamland is in this Mall. Toy R Us..
I think shopping in Calgary or whole Canada is great, the facility is so organized and well plan. Couple years ago, all shopping center has being Re-do and renovated. All Malls has more parking spaces, not to mentioned handicap parking near the entrance, they even have spot asign just for parent to be or parent with small children park close to the mall entrance, to make the walking distance shorter. Not just one parking spot reserve, it has about 6 to 7 spots asign for them to park, and every main entrance have set up this way . ( I would think about 4 or more main entrances in each Shopping Center.) Smart thinking! Thanks to the Architech who think outside the box!
Inside the mall, there are many comfy chairs or sofa place in every short distance walk, this is for shoppers who is tired of walking take a break and relax, (mostly all mens occupied the seat while they wait for the wives shops! Tang's is one of them) fire place in the food court, free Kids Buggie car for rental, Nursing room with rocking chair (to be comfortable when breatfeeding), free diapers, Children play areas, ect.....
Tell me, is this shopping heaven or what? Of course, on the other hand this will make the consumer hardly leave the Mall, just spend, spend until you drop! (When will you drop? when the Credit card bills arrive, some more drop dead!)
Opps! found a good deal on Winter clearance jacket. Cost regular price for $129/- now sale for $24.99 plus additional 25% off, work out be $18 somethings, how can I resist. so I bought one pinky jacket (70% down fills), and Tang's bought a men jacket for $22/- Hey, a $129/- jacket for 70% off, how can you walk away with this deal.
When Brayden saw the big board with curious george poster,
he quickly said: "look mom"
Mom:"Yah! Curious George"
Brayden:" Mom, the arrow"
Mom:" Hur..."
Brayden:" Toy R Us, pointing this way"
Tang's and I:" Oh,, that!"

Finally the IBlogger server is working again. This sites always down many time a day, the server engine always cause so much downtime, change it for peak sake!


Twinsmom said...

here some of the shopping mall is catching up, 环境是人为的,也要靠人去保持。这里虽然策划者想提升人们生活的环境,可是很多人的文化修养,公民道德还不能和经济与日共进,所以有了设施,人们还是不能珍惜。
for example, a shopping mall fix a toilet seat with plastic cover on the eat, what we need to do just press the button, the plastic will wrap it up, but some people not educated, couldn't finger out how to use it, and simply pull the plastic, and spoilt the facility.
plenty of example.
so KL even though want to par with develope country, but beside economy, still a lot need to be improve.
I understand why a lot Malaysia came back from western country after few years staying there, very difficult to adjust :D.

Blogie-Talkie said...

I see...
well give it another decades lor, your generation will be soon the beneficial...
What is Plastic wrap on the seats?? can you take some photos show me, interesting, never seen one before??