22 March 2006


前幾日阿hubby問過我點解只有twinsmom comment我的columns.無人睇你blog咩?
我 唔知點答佢!我話﹕"點知甘多呀!阿twinsmom 帶我開始blog,所以支持下我o羅!
我 有一個blog sites係記下我日常生活尤其係個仔‧初時想了好一陣 好唔好開自己旣blog, 明知自己的文筆差、點去吐心裡話‧但一開始左,就上癮囉‧之後o都唔理中英文旣文筆程度有幾差幾好唔好,最緊要係記下每一滴的precious moments,反正這blog係給自己睇多,文筆好唔好,無咩問題啦!最緊要係如果有一日萬一我唔係度,日後你同仔也可以在此內找到我的聲音和心聲嗎! "
不過依家好仰有些讀者到來探訪又留言‧係阿twinsmom 的blog友多,真係唔好睇少"blogging"依家野呀!
Twinsmom, 如果話需要business networking, 妳blog sites 係好Target哦!
我hubby 係香港人、而我又在港式中文報館做part-time, 所以中文寫法用粵音多!但係我好Malaysian 咖!


Twinsmom said...


anyway, 嚟嘅粵文好QD嚄,好彩我有睇好多香港杂志,唔係都跟唔到。

last time hubby also like to ask me" why no body read your blog and leave comment, why you still write it?"

butt hen I write for the sake to record down my mind lor, so people read or not it is really something I can't control, see? I can't twist their neck and tell them to read right? and can't twist their arm to leave comment for me LOL... but slowly, the friendship building up, blog hopping become a daily visting, just like everyday go to school :D.

Blogie-Talkie said...

Ha ha, I agree..
My main purpose for this blog is saving all these memory for my family especially my son. If there is viewer coming, I am happy to share my moment. Meantime, I enjoy it very much just reading it all by myself...