28 March 2006

To my Sisters

Last Weekend..

Quite a weekend, No T.V and No Computer for the day...Me and son were always occupied both computer lately, he always next on the line... so... hubby arranged the whole weekend with shopping, library and visiting, take a break from the cyber world in our home. All of us had a good time.

To My sisters MayPing & Elaine
Today, I took some picture of myself, touch it up to post for today cover story..

I am a very lucky girl's in my family, All my brothers and sisters very pamper me especially my oldest and second oldest sister.(我的大姐和二姐)both of my sisters and my husband encourage me to find sometime I enjoy working, or go back to school to upgrade when I was unemployed. (When I migrated to Canada with family in early 90's, I immediately got hired by Nortel Networks and work for 13 years. I met my hushand there, got married then the company shut down when I was on maternity leaves.)

Back in KL, My family can't affort to support me for any Colleage after Secondary school, they know I always wanted to be an artist, but I have a long way and extra work to fullfilled my goal. 我想我姐姐们都認为我有少少天份、可是需要做更多後天功夫‧老實說我天份不多‧我是那種要出百多倍努力才有那一點result的人‧所以像Twinsmom 這種有天聰的人、對我這種人來說一定在她背後眼超超‧過佢两招!(當然現在EQ高咗、平淡睇化了!為有加勤力啦!說笑啦!懂欣賞他人好處係我的長處來嘅‧IQ雖少但係一向都EQ高嘅!)

I was working in Preston Publishing as a Layout artist for 2 years (located in SS2 Damansara, I heard this place closed now) before I migrated to Canada with my family..With it, both of my sisters and my hubby encourage me to take a some basic computer graphic courses and go back to this field. Both of my sisters sponsor all my courses fees... how good is that. They are still like a parent to me, nowaday they are financial capable , they are helping me reach my dream.

Last year, hubby sign me up, I'm still uncertain about it. I was very nearvous in my first class. Thanks god, I did ok and gain my confidence through it. My instructor is quite a fun person and knowledgeable guy, he help me a lot.
I was worried in the beggining because I've stop schooling since Form 5. After secondary school, I took some general part time courses with other friends in some institute (I think it was an accounting course, short courses to get a job faster, those day just we just follow the clowd).
Before I finished the course, I end up working in Preston Publishing as a Layout artist. ( it was my second sister's who told me there is job opening, she knows this is the kind of job I would like to do. Thanks to her) I know I haven't got the skills or good enough, but I give it a shot, during the interview, Jennifer the supervisor tested my drawing skill, not good compare with others whose just graduated from arts School. Somehow, she hired me, she did said she likes my personality and want to give me a chance. I got lucky ! I learn so much and met many talented people in this place. Now, there is only one person I still keep in touch, Julia Yu, still a designer n a good friend in KL.

Back to last year, after I finished couple of part time Adobe Level 1 courses (computer sofware for graphic design) Somehow somewhat, I found a part time job in a local Newspaper company, which I can practice whatever I learn and apply to my current job, the courses I took is enought for this small office job. Althought there are no more challenges after a year working here, this job give me flexibility plus the hours of working fit my family need. ( This place is a place where they leave me alone type, not too many people working here, not so much politic! Maybe because after being a mom, I am in next level of life, I just don't get involve, do my work, be kind and leave the job completely when I go home) 有得做自己喜歡嘅工作又可以有有彈性的時間、暫時我已滿足‧沒有大志?人各有志、何必咁幸苦、我的家是最重要‧

However, Both of my sisters would like to see me finished the whole courses (only took 5 courses, and there are Level 2 to finished and Web designs courses, my weak program!) tocontinue persuade my dream..Get the Cert and work for better place where I can expand my skills_high frying??
But sis,,, at this moment I am just one lazy bump lah.. Pehapes later..When my son is a little older.
I am here to Say BIG THANK YOU to both of my lovely sisters and my husband who supported me all the way. Their courage always mean a lot to me...

These are my Assigments (not showing off, just show and tell..... )

Adobe Illustrator Level 1 (I don' t use Illustrator for such a long time and I don't think I will remember how to draw with this program now, I use corel Draw at work and got use to it, but Illustrator is much better program. Boy, my sisters will sure want the money back!
Adobe Photoshop Level 1


Greenapple said...


Twinsmom said...

hahaha... greenapple so desperate, another desperate housewife wannabe.

I learn Illustrator and Photoshop too, but never seriously put it in use, the most create logo, that's all, so a lot features i still blur blur, so next time I can ask you.

no wander I always feel my pain got some funny feeling -- 背後眼超超‧過佢两招!

Twinsmom said...

not my pain, my back, hehehe...

Ricket said...

very well done leh... I must go and learn photoshop, if not I only know how to adjust brightness.

Greenapple said...

desperate? huh? in what sense? you're losing me twinsmom.

Blogie-Talkie said...


Blogie-Talkie said...

I borrow a lots of relavant books from Library, it has many tips.

Jesslyn said...

Hey, put me into "靓师奶"一族 lar...LOL...

Me still learning PS...envy u hv good skill ler...

Greenapple said...

i am only 25 cannot be qing chun qi ah? oh my God, am I really THAT old?

*smash head*

1+2mom said...

wah very nice touch up!!!too bad i also dunno how to use photoshop, just know to adjust the photos size.

Blogie-Talkie said...

Ricke,1+2 mom

ya, it's interesting course, but practice more you will understand better how the program works.(I know this program quite well where I use a lot for my current job)


猜唔倒妳係年紀輕輕,可能妳的文笔好、思慧都那麼成孰,所以囉!其實係贊揚妳喔‧Twinsmom ask you a question in her 回到学校post裡、點解妳中英都咁好呢?

Lazymama said...

Very nice works!

I know nothing about Illustrator. :P