28 September 2010

Happy Anniversary to us! 結婚紀念日

I almost forgot.. and reminded by my other half..
Today, it's our wedding Anniversary, 14 years and counting..
Happy Anniversary to us!





26 September 2010

Fall is here..

Time is moving so fast, 3 quarters of the year 2010 has gone by..
and it's Fall already....

I have being so busy since Ar Boy new school year started this September, because hubby started working full time ( the only thing I am cheerful about because after 2 years of unemployed, and he decided going back school to change career. Now, he is finally employed with his new career field). So, now, I have to get Ar Boy ready in the morning, drop him to school. Lucky us that one of his classmate's aunt's is helping us to fetch him after school.
Then I head out to my work. In the evening, come home to cook and prepare for next day.. repeat this cycle everyday.. Bed time for Ar boy is 9, and us is 10pm...

Father still in hospital waiting for a bed in Long term care nursing home, my sisters and I is taking turn to visit him daily, but Sis E is not feeling well after the car accident, fortunately Sis M is helping out a lot...
The pass few months was quite down because of all this worrisome happening..

Basically, every weekday, from 7am to 9pm, these time is all occupied with busy task..

I am tired, physically and emotionally.......

I had some free time today decided to pick up the camera to shoot some outdoor pictures and my Wacom Pen is kind of lonely for many many months.

I keep hope that thing will come around better when father is settle to new nursing home where it's close to our home.. and sister's is settle with her new place where it's also closed to us!

My Chinese writing pen is down, can't write my Chinese Text! :(

21 September 2010