23 March 2006

Birthday treat in McDonald 仔仔、麥當當過生日‧

Are you done photo yet??? Can I play now..? 媽咪,影够未呀?let start my monkey business


Zara's Mama said...

OK OK.. Twinsmum do promo for you.. so now we start visiting your site..

Wah.. you write some post in Cantonese? Where do you get the characters from? Not easy to type in Cantonese ler.

shiaulin said...

Happy belated Birthday to ur 仔仔。

Blogie-Talkie said...

to Sara mom, Shiaulin
Thanks for visiting.
(二)可以copy and paste from其他人寫的字上你的word pad,隨時拿來用‧只要你知道刻字的發音就可以了‧

Allyfeel said...

Are you cantonese? I can't write any of it but can write a little of bad Mandarin....kekekeke...

仔仔very smart looking ler. Happy Birthday!

Blogie-Talkie said...

I am cantonese and chinese ad in Primary, Taman Petaling is my secondary School.
My Husband is from Hong Kong, Came here when he was a teenager, Met him at my previous workplace, very much influenced by him, his language, his humour and his generosity.