08 November 2009


我認我嫁到一个好老公桇!因为老公系好男人好爸爸好仔,虽然無錢途,但佢处人处事超高智慧,系我同AhBoy的萬能大當家,we are contented because he leads us through it..

MalaysianStyle Rice cake - Malaysian Style 的碗仔糕

大家姐買了好多Malaysian cook book,hawker delights or Malaysian Authentic cook book俾我,之前好多時侯也會整D系Calgary 吃唔到的家鄉食品‧最近少D‧
今日心血來潮整左其中有味 - 碗仔糕‧尤於我比较懒,有D 步驟就改掉來千就自己做法‧‧‧
以下link-Luncheon Kitchen有曬由开始、材料加每一个步驟做Malaysian Style 的碗仔糕‧
而我就簡單post两張我的pieces...There is no Malaysian restaurant in Calgary, there are days I love and miss the food very much, but have no place to ease my craving for Malaysian food!
My Oldest sister's bought me many Malaysian Local food cook books, years ago, I will make it a lot for myself and family, but lately, I got busy with family and work, I just got lazy even when I craving the food,, just don't have the energy..
This weekend, I craved the flavor of Malaysian Rice Cake. Since my father is staying a weekend with me, I did make the effort to make it. I make some changes to accommodate my laziness style, eliminate some steps and make it easier to prepare...
I found a link that has all the cooking ingredient and method of making a delicious rice cake, if you are interested, visit her blog to find out more - LUNCHEON Kitchen .

07 November 2009

仔仔學煮炒饭 - BB First cooking course - Fried Rice

To eliminate my boy playing computer and video game, I push him to play outside, give him award for spending more time outside playing. He tried, but he is bore playing by himself, he constantly come back in and forward just to earn the time to claim his award, I know he don't enjoy his outdoor adventure. Back my time, I wish to play outside everyday... well, mind you it's cold here and playing by yourself is bore!
He asked if he can help me cooking, I thought, why not, I show him using knife for chopping, and to my surprise, he did very well. I gave him a real knife to chop the food. I know, it's dangerous, but in order to learn, I must learn to trust him and it's the only way to experience.I lectured him the rules of cooking. Cleanness, Safety and Patient!
He enjoyed it very much! He even learned to stir fry.
I am jotting down his very first cooking lesson, His first time cooking meal - and he named it - HeiHei Fried Rice - at age of 7.