29 January 2012


I want to Thank my dear Husband and jot it down here.

We had fun today, we went out shopping, still have lots of year end Sales :)  and we dined out.

I am ashamed about my moody behavior someday, he is good man with big and loving heart.

Today, He shared with me that when he started his new job couple months ago, he suffered severed pain on the right knee cap, he did not tell anyone because he didn't want us to worry , and  since he switch his career with very brave decision (He quite his Drafting job and apply for Canada Post to become a Letter Carrier, an extreme career change, he decides this changes because he has lot of pressure from his previous job and there's a bastard Designer is giving him lots of challenges)
In this case, he didn't want to fail due to the pain because he went through many stages of interview and test, he gotten this far, he can't give up. He just kept quiet and praying that this is a temporary pain,

Luckily he got better, thank God!and now the pain is gone, he adapts very quickly, and today,  he told me all about it. I am so guilty because my husband went through great pressure with his job changed and didn't want to fail to the family, taken all the pain himself, I know partly I give him the pressure too.


My hubby is a great man, Although he faces challenges, he still very diplomatic, optimistic, His ex-company gave him a good farewell, welcome him to return anytime, and his friend offer him opportunity in same Drafting field, but he rejected it, coz he is determine on what he wants, not forcing himself to do something he may be stress out and burn down, he know the income is less but he will be a happier man now.

He is in backing up position now, he get send to different Depo to fill in absent staff, but everywhere he goes, the Supervisor thank him for being great worker, and they always welcome him. I am Proud to marry such a man as my husband.

從一个AutoCAD Drafter become 一個郵差已是难、但老公從不分工作牲質,一樣工作認真,天氣幾凍幾惡劣,他會準備好身、心,也會平常心一樣上班努力工作。怪不得他的以前、之前、目前的老板、经理、同事个个都很敬佩他。

Thank you Dear!  老公,多謝你!

VIP birthday in February

Lots of family and good friend birthday for month of February.

Last week were my good friend birthday, I did this quick illustration at work to wish her Happy Birthday..

My new hobby - Cake deco with Fondant

This is my first Fondant deco. Because I am not a baker, so I use rice crispy for my cake base, and cut out some flower and wrap with color Fondant.
I know I have many hobbies, and my friend once comment : so many hobby, 身上咁多刀,D刀利唔利架!:) Well, 自巳兴趣班,做來玩,無所胃!

 These cake is mini size - about 4" tall by 3 inches

 This is the first candy cake deco I did in the beginning, again, it's rice crispy base, the size is very small too.
The workmanship is very crappy.. because Candy melt is hard to master, so, I like Fondant, it's also call the adult Clay accept this is edible, again, mine is for deco and display only.

 The figurine is Holly Hobbie that I bought many years ago, I regret I didn't buy all of them when the precious item is on sale and discontinue..

25 January 2012

Proud (Remember be humble on your success...)

We are very surprise and happy when we received an e-mail from our Son teacher.
Thank you Son, you make us proud.
Mommy will document this to remind you hard work pay off, you will enjoy the fruits later, but keep up with the good work, continue your great effort.
Here's is what we told by your Grade 4 teacher.

" Hi Again May,
It may look like Brayden is “careless” or “messy” from a parent perspective, but Brayden really is an excellent student.  Brayden has very strong skills in both reading and writing, and in his other subjects like social studies and math.  Brayden is also a kind and well-behaved boy.  I am certain that Brayden has a very bright future ahead of him.
Take care,

Ms. Guthrie

Subject: Re: Brayden's Levers Science Quiz

Hi Ms Guthrie
Sorry for late reply, we just check our e-mail in the morning.
We are kind of surprise, Brayden is a different person at home, careless, slow and messy. We always worry outside of home, how he do.
His dad monitor his homework everyday, and always found his work is messy and with few careless mistakes.

Reading your comment about him make me very proud and emotional, I never imagine my son can do so well, he sometime share how well he do but with my traditional mindset, I always remind him to be humble and it's not him to show off, but if it's from other person comment on his well being, that's is a true fact. My thought may be too reserve or too conservative, I should praise him more.

Thanks to all teacher especially you are his Class-Room teacher who coach him and lead him to great learning path.

Please accept our sincere Thank you and thanks for letting us know.

Best Regards,
May & Sam

Subject: Re: Brayden's Levers Science Quiz
On Jan 24, 2012, G------- wrote:

Hi Ms. Chan and Mr. Tang,

Brayden wrote a short levers quiz on Friday with the class.  When I marked his quiz yesterday, I noticed that he had a very firm grasp of the learning targets.  So, Brayden earned a mark of 30 out of 31.  Go Brayden!  You should see his quiz tomorrow when Brayden brings it home to sign.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  And, please send a response to this email so that I know you received it.  Enjoy you evening together.

Ms. Guthrie    "

Year Of Dragon 2012_龍年吉祥!

Happy Chinese New Year to all.
On Jan 23, 2012 marks the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year 2012, the Year of the Dragon!
Wish all a Best year ahead, healthy, safety and happiness. 



03 January 2012

My third day of new year is ruin!

It's New Year, and I didn't have a good start with my neighbour.
Especially the man in the family, Selfish and Ignorance!

He thinks he knows it all, and command about he knows what kind of women I am and knows that my husband style, he thinks he is the man in the family who has ball.
But he is just one small person with eyes that are lower on the ground!
I have no respect to this man and think I will ever be like before. I can't stand anyone who under estimate my family members and thinking they are best of all...

His kids and friend are outside playing on the ice rink at their backyard, they were banging the puck on the fence and wall, making loud noise at 10.30 at night, I kindly approached them that my kid have school tomorrow and I have work tomorrow too, He said he can't stop the kid having fun and I can call the police if I don't like it!!!!.

I am shot to see him acting this way, he seem a nice person all the while and this behavior is rude and what the ...

I knock on his door, his wife were polite and acknowledge with respect. then he budge in and explained after hearing me so upset.a guilty and a bully neighbor!...
I can't believe he said I attacked his kid, he went on and on all sort of nonsense, at last he said Junior Hockey game is on tonight, and Canada lost to Russia, their kid is mad so, they wants to play outside, I have to understand the culture, that's why he is mad when I asked them to be consider it's late playing at night!  ( what don't I understand, the pass few weeks, almost every night he band on the backyard, making noises, turn on big spot light and we have not said a words, because we know it's important for their kids)
My replied was, "You look after your kid, what about mine? I too looking after my kid and family too!" what about my culture - my rest time culture??

We are humble and keep low profile family, but this was perceive as abnormal from the conversation???

He sees things and judge things, he is those people that judge it book by it cover.

I can't believe this man and I have no respect to him at all regardless he thinks he is the best father in the world - again this is from the conversation!.

Just ignorance, and a small man. He close off with new year wishes, fake! but this incident is big enough to black list him when he command that he knows me and judge my family!
I will be OK and will not let him ruin the rest of my year, this incident happened teaches me a good lesson and a reminder. We should always spend more or longer time with a person before we get closer to them and trust them. People tend to show their best, and if it's not really their real best, it will reveal in time, time can tell and it prove to me again, I was easily fool !