31 August 2008

IF - Memories (2)

In that year, mom and I planted some sunflowers in our limited back yard area for the very first time. It grown so tall and it brighten up the whole yard, we both so excited seeing the flowers grow and blossom, we sat and chat for a long time while we enjoying looking at the sunflowers... and that year, mom passed away.....

Now, I plant sunflowers with my boy every summer in memory of my mom...
if you like, click on image for larger view..

29 August 2008

Memories - IF entry

Childhood memories is always naive, true , genuine , and pure. Perhaps, we the grown up need a little bit of it to keep us feel young, true and genuine!
(one of my old illo that I dedicated to a blog's pal ET)人長大了還存有童真、純真是快樂的事!

23 August 2008


I use to have weekly routine entering my illustration to IF, hopping to favorites IF artist, lately I haven't been able to do so..Because my new job is quite tie up, work long hours, plus exhausted from the office political issues.....I am overwhelm, I am tired emotionally and physically. I still debate with myself, how long can I hang on, how much I can take? I think partly is my motivation in my ability! They offer me different position than I applied for, and for them to keeping me, they still give me some design job but I hardly have time to do it, because it's not my first priority in my job list.I miss my part-time job, in small print shop and my other casual job as a general helper in my son school, I miss being left alone in my job, working with children and often go peak in my son classroom....and draw during my leisure time... Honestly, I don't like being chase with deadline, interact with too many calls and people, nor battle the field for job security, I want friendly work-mate, share work load, no competition environment ! I don't mind to be the little soldier at work, get work done, and home free..
Now I am a mother to my little prince, a career goal just not in me anymore...I know what I capable and love......it's my own family and my family members is what more important........
BTW, thanks to you who leaving nice greeting in my previous blog, I have to gather myself first, and then I will resume.
原來年級大了,又身為母親的我,對辦公室政治或者工作地位提不起勁來,煩又忙的新工作環境令我想退後。。。。。我懷念做肥師奶的日子,所以我跟老伴說:"快点去完成你的学业再回到工作戰場去,我就可以相夫教子、照厄爸和姐的起歸飲食、做回肥師奶。"(老伴在月前離開了巳工作十六年職位,因為公司前景茫茫,多次解雇,加上前陣子身體又不適,所以早点拿package再回校進修轉行。為了支特他,而我己享受了這麽多年part-time和無職 日子,該到我出來工作,真正的工作去!可惜心身似乎做不來!現在正在努力如何適應和去融入。。。唉!然道是人在江湖身不由自? 我聽說 " Life is about Choice" ? 你說呢?