26 June 2009

I won a freeby given by Bristyle !

I won I won, I won the precious gift ever.....
As you know, I collect sheep, lamb ......I visited Twinkle Star Art and Bec site one day, and discover the Bristyle community. They have some freebie to give away, I saw the cute little sheep phone charm and fall in love, I enter the draw.
Today, I just happen to violated the company rules -(do not check personal email or surfing in the internet) I recieved the greatest new of all, my name got drawn and I will be granted with the cutest Sheep phone Charm created by talented artist Lauren........Yaa Hoooooooooo......
Hey check it out, this community have so much to offer!
One more things to share, my brother came visit us from Vancouver, talking about his daughter is going to Brisbane as an exchange student in February, and they ask if I know anyone in Brisbane and could help her settle in... and Bristyle are organize by Brisbane residents!

Big thanks to the Bristyle Community........

22 June 2009

25 years ago today..

June 22nd, the day my mom pass away 25 years ago.
She always in our memory that last forever......... and we still miss her!


20 June 2009

Drifting - my condolences to a dear blogger friend's

This week IF topic is Drifting.I wanna to draw something today to a special blogger friend's Bella Sinclaire, who lost her husband last week. She is one wonderful lady I met in the blog world through IF community and love by many other bloggers too.
When I heard the news from Yoon See, Words cannot even begin to express my sorrow.
I shall send my sincere condolences across the miles and let the bubble help me drifting my sorrows to her, the little girls - Nona, Emma and the family."Bella, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
May your memories give you strength and remember that we care about you."

Please visit her site Bella Sinclaire express your condolences to her and the girls.
Thank you!

13 June 2009

My little collections!

I love sheep, litle lamb, goat thingy,, because they are cute, tender and adorable!
Some of my collection peices...我最喜爱羊的物品,讓大家看看一些我的羊羊收藏品吧!

The Sheep family..

06 June 2009


This week IF entry ( Craving 渴望)


latest artwork - 今天的創作

My latest creatives! I took pictures on most of my collection items and created a few greeting cards. I hope you will like it!

I miss you card!Happy birthday card
congratulation card

how r you card

a card about my boy mother's day gift
Boy boy Grade 1 school project - Plant.

01 June 2009

to my husband

Just wanna to tell him, we love you! Everything is going to be alright!Cheers!
我懂 ! 我知道一切會好! 別擔心!