16 March 2009

Special gift to my boy!

Time flies.. the Prince is Seven in few days!
Happy Birthday, my son!

Note: He posed all this action for me because I directed him.
I wanted to make a special birthday card for him. I visualize him climbing on number seven, so I got him to pretend he is climbing.
In the actions, he was climbing on the sofa, jumping up and down, running around, standing still ( no more than 10 seconds, of course!) just like little monkey monkeying around...

We have lots of fun playing while taking pictures. We giggle, we shout CUT /Retake and make a mess... He did not complain this time (he dislike pose too long for pictures) because he too wants to be a Director and direct me to pose for him!
Of course, I do as I told, because I knew...
This will be the moment that last forever..........

15 March 2009

Bon Appetite!

Lately, I love making french toast for breakfast, I enjoy cooking but with busy work at work, I only cook in the weekend now! But I love making this dish because it's tasty and easy!
I bought a whole bread without any slice to pieces.
I cut them about 2 1/2" thick, and divided by into 4 pieces, I soak the cube bread into the egg, sugar, milk mixture. Next, Heat the pan and butter the pan, and slowly pan fry the bread on all 6 sides.....
Serve with maple syrup.........

Try it !