27 September 2008

my graffity wall, to celebrate my 11th Wed Anni...

Love is still in the AiR...

To us : Happy 11th Anniversary...


boy boy drawings, touch up by mommy.....

21 September 2008

Clique-second entry

Realistic, You're either one of them OR one of her once........
Clique -my second IF entryHere's the first entry

third loose tooth

My boy has his third loose tooth on Sunday September the 14th..

20 September 2008

Thank you note - 特别的小禮物给特别的妳!

Clique is this week IF theme, so, I gang up with my boy on this post to express my Sincere Thanks and taking this opportunity to pass my personal note to blogger's who always count me in when any blog award going around.Special Thank You to blogger friends, Bella Sinclair in Japan and Jess in England, whom they are so kind award me this sweet blog Awards. Wonderful illustration created by Diana Evans.
Every awards count, in my view. It feel wonderful that knowing such greatest Illustrators always count me in when the awards is spreading around. We united as a whole in this blog world, it's amazing, it's make the general mood so merry go round, with this kindness going around, I endlessly say........Thank you, Terima-kasih, Xie-Xie! Bella, Jess.
May all keep the spirit going.....
so, In returns I specially asked my Boy to pass a special make heart Award with "BlogSpot Award" engraved on the heart, just wanna to share with you that your Blog is one of my frequent blog stop. To you... (sorry no link on the names yet, and I will try to leave you messages on individual blog when I have more time too,,, for now it's a list of frequent stop to the following friends..)

Sorry if I miss your name, but if you see your link on my blog rolls, you are in my favorites list!


14 September 2008

Thank you for the Award....

I am so happy when I was noticed by Faruffa, one of great Artist who awarded me this spectacular award!
I am really flatter, and knowing artist who are talented giving you the honor. Faruffa is one of the great Vector artist I known thru IF community, her artwork is always make you feel relax to look at and the artwork is full of fine details. I always love going there to take a break, and enjoy her work! Check it out if yourself...

Another illo was given to me awhile ago, created by Rizal, a friendly artist from Malaysia, he is always a gentleman who is kind and well manner, he drew this to thank you many friends who drop by his blog, I was one of them. I really admire his talents in doing such a fine line artwork! Terima-kasih, Rizal.Now I shall pass out this award to keep the spirit going... here are my lovable blog-list ..
1) FARUFFA - I too love your blog..
2) Eric
3) Jess
4) Carli
5) Bella
6) Euginia
7) Joan
8)Miss Froggie
9) Jennifer
10)Paola DG
My list could go on,,, love to list all ... I know some of the blogger already got the award, but I still want them to know they are one of my favorites!
The rules for this award are:
1-Display the logo on your blog
2-Link back to the person you received the award from
3-Nominate 7 or more other blogs
4-Put links of those blogs on yours
5-Leave a message on their blogs so they know they've been nominated.

07 September 2008

中秋節快樂 Lantern and Moon-cake Festival (IF Clutter 2)

I hope the lanterns in 1st drawing doesn't feel too clutter ( to compare with the second drawings) , or too many on there and spoil the effects of peaceful night!
Mid Autumn festival also known as Moon Cake and Lantern Festival. To learn more about Moon Festival? click here
Below are the yummy moon cakes photos that I took this morning

05 September 2008

Clutter (1) - IF

"Never too clutter for one more cutie"