21 March 2006

Skating lessons is over.

Brayden's Playschool held a skating lesson for the past 4 weeks. The first lesson, he enjoy it very much, (we bought a used skates, 1 size larger, worried he might not be able to stand up straight or skate at all, some parents with experienced has told us to put on thicker socks, they will be fine with the skates.)
During the first lesson, no problem on the ice. He can skate with baby steps. I was so delighted to see him have fun on ice, so we wanted to make it better, we decided to get skate that fits now.Second week of lesson..
With the brand new skate and being sharpen, it got worse, he could not stand up on the ice compare with the used and one size larger skates he was wearing on the first lesson. Fallsl over falls on the ice, not able to stand up at all. He did not enjoy it this time.
Third week, he begged to leave the ice link after 15 minutes lessson. Plus he still have some cold and 3 kids away in his group because of the flu...
Today, last lesson, he did not wants to go on the ice again.
When he came down with the group, I can see his tears and said" no skating, no skating"唔要去溜浜!". I comfort him and said no problem.
I had to go on the ice to snap pictures, where some parent don't have their camera and wish I can take some for them. Brayden want to come along, I put on the his helmet and start shooting ....


Ricket said...

My daughter tried roller balde last week, couldn't stand up, started crying on the floor. I thought she wanted to give up, but no, she just want to join others and start blading.

Blogie-Talkie said...

good for her. Just make sure she wear helmet and knee pad, she will soon rolling..
Thanks for visiting!

Jesslyn said...

Hey, I wanna send my girls for skating too!

Blogie-Talkie said...

twinsmom, 這些一定係你o也fans 啦‧

Blogie-Talkie said...

Tahnks Jesslyn
Send her, make sure she is well protected!