06 May 2006

Assemble Kite

My good friends Irene, bought Brayden a kite for his 4th Birthday , I usually put away some new presents when I think he has too many to play at once.
Last week, he saw this tall colorfull packaging standing up tall in the Garage, he asked " what is this and who is it??"
Opps! I said "oh, it's Daddy stuff and don't you touch, ok?"
Brayden: "Really,, (suspicious,,, still checking and trying to get closer look), But mom, this doesn't look like daddy stuffs, maybe it's for me???"
Mommy: "come on in, no more peaking."

Came in and he Waited to his dad came home from work and ask his daddy to comfirm about the "Interesting stuffs"
No chance to PAKAT with Daddy, he asked him while I am busy doing,,,,,,,,something,
He dad told him:" it's a gift for him from Irene Yee Yee, and it's a kite.." Brayden......laugh and
"Yaa hoo"------and ran to me: :Mommy, daddy told me that is a kite, it's my gift from Irene YeeYee(in Cantonese), Silly mommy(in English)" :< height="350" width="425">


Twinsmom said...

hahaha... mommy 既煲穿左!!!! so now you have to go fly kite with your son liao LOL... naughty mommy.

烦妈妈 said...

hahaha...cannot lie to the kids...they are very bright one...

btw, couldn't hear what Brayden said...cannot play the video clip...really curious about what he would say to his naughty mommy...hehe...

AsleyLee said...


Blogie-Talkie said...


I know,Lying no good ler, but someday you just want to stop them whining on your ears,,,
I should have hiden the things in basement.(still he always ask to go downstair to check)
p/s:The kite broke( when daddy assemble the kite) before he and his dad can fly it!!! Have to bring it back for refund soon.

Allyfeel said...

Boy is big already and getting very curious. No more bluff bluff mommy...:)

Zara's Mama said...

I'm having problem loading the video.. I'm sure your boy said something witty..

Aiya.. he found that kite already you still want to stall and said it's Daddy's stuff..

Jesslyn said...

he is smarter than u lar...LOL

Blogie-Talkie said...

Ally/Jessyln/Z's mama

like mother, like son mar