05 December 2012

my cooking buddy illo - Beary Good

 My cooking buddy illo

今天我畫了我的Cooking Buddy - Beary Good ‧

Stretch my sketch. IF - Dec 2012

Quick draw in Ai program, but spent quite a bit of time to paint digitally in PSD.

Every time I draw on paper or digital, I stretch my creativity but age may be a big factor now, because the creative juice is getting lower years by years.

03 December 2012

I am who I am

Of course, I am a little fatter, my hair are thinner, my my r r rr,  maybe a little older from this illustration!  :(


Graffiti - my Dec Facebook Graffiti - Click Here to view my illustration flippy.

02 December 2012

my graffit in FB

click  HERE to view in FB flash animation of how this illo created.