30 June 2008

today June 30th-my nephew's Bday!

It's June 30th @ 11.33pm, still make it to wish my nephew's W.H a Happy Happy and safe Birthday. He is working in Sudan for weeks now, it's was quite a place to work, many scary moments I heard, finally he is done with the project, heading home tomorrow, I just hope and pray he is home safe and healthy.

20 June 2008

Hoard - IF entry - Last Lecture by Dr. Randy Pausch

Don't Hoard your tears at the end of this video!
Professor Dr. Randy Pausch knows he is dying. This video will leave you thinking when it's over.
Gimme few minutes of your time to watch it. It would do us all some good.

Below illo Dedicated to Dr. Randy Pausch's Children and family.
(Remember to Pause the I-Pod when you play the video)
His update here..

17 June 2008

Punchline - IF topic

This week Illustration Friday- Punchline. (an email joke )

A little boy went up to his Mother and asked:
The mother replied. ...I've been busy because I started a new job in a small print shop as a junior graphic artist last week, I love what I am doing so far, it's my wishes job, hopefully I will learn and gain some knowledges in this field. I still work in my boy school because only 2 more weeks the school will end. I love both of my work so far, hopefully it will last for sometime..(the interior bg downloaded here)

Here is a quick drawing for IF topic. Happy Belated Father's Day!

08 June 2008

IF - Forgotten -Tribute to Children Survived in the Earthquake

Thousands of schools collapsed during the May 12th 2008 Earthquake in China and by some estimates more than 6,000 students died. We watched the Artisters 512 Fund-Raising Campaign, heard many moving incidents, tears after tears..... This Massive Disaster may not be Forgotten by the Children who survived from this terrible incident. Please Give to heal and re-build their soul, their homeland.. Thank you!
Tribute to Children in China -
Stand Strong! Children!




06 June 2008

IF - Forgotten

Illustration Friday - Forgotten Has this happen to you?
This has happened to a famous ex-Miss Hong Kong.

04 June 2008

Going for a ride in motorbike.

My sister E is very sporty person, she is the only girl in my family could ride Motorbike (this is back in KL, Malaysia), her illo has being modify and beautify,,, :> Actually she looks silly, wild in real life! maybe will draw her in real life later..LOL!
I drew this for her to show our appreciation on all the things she did for me and my family, she is a very supportive sister's and a loving Auntie to my dear boy! Thanks Sis's!

The scooter were downloaded here.

02 June 2008

Baby- IF (part 3)

This week IF topic is Baby, I have few ideas in my head , but this IF third entry (1st & 2nd entries) , it was inspire by my boy this afternoon, he talked about the funny things happened when changing the Diapers, it reminded me this experienced! (Thanks to many good IF illustrators stopping by and leave me nice comments, I can't stop drawing..)
Yes, this happen when he was a baby, free spray to his Daddy....

I am sure every Parent can relate to this experienced!

P/s: Day 29-exercise- I finally managed to draw the men actually looks like a man!.. hahaha..