25 October 2009

Fast - IF Entry.

BOO.......! Boo Boo....
Run as Fast as you can, Boo Ghosts is on its way!

24 October 2009

New vectorized artwork - Ele WallPaper

21 October 2009

Halloween - Mini Ninja

My vector artwork practice continue...
My boys at home (father and Son) both like playing the Mini Ninja video games, and I love the mini Ninja, it's so cute and the graphic is fantastic! They given me the idea of drawing this illo when watching them play.

18 October 2009

Twitter icon - Vector format -

My Twitter icon - I took Adobe Illustrator Level 1 couple years ago, I end up losing all of it because the previous job use different program for illustration, and the present work place use all Adobe for graphic design, so I have been practicing my Vector artwork with AI. a lot lately..
and I really like it!

幾年前上左level 1 Adobe Illustrator堂,學到D嘢完全俾番老師!

17 October 2009

Illustrator practice

Practicing with Illustrator - vector artwork exercise
Self portrait - of course- I beautify myself, I have to admit, I look quite different from the illustration, coz I have not outline the wrinkles, double chin etc. ......

Here is the mushroom pattern I created..

15 October 2009

我做和事婆 - 粵語譯音....

今天工友大吵,我做和事婆,将多方面積聚的怒氣開門見山灘晒出來,我捉大家清楚地講!stop feeding info, stress and fight..




後來同事們多謝我,另一个同事hug 我話我糸這部门Mommy, look after people.. 我就話..


12 October 2009

IF entry - Flying

IF entry - Fly away!
Sit tight, up up and fly away with me..... we are flying high
Lately, I have a cup cake fever......最近我糸蛋糕仔發燒友,鐘意去周圍各店睇吓,更加爱畫下不同款式滿足吓!因为本地的cup cake太甜‧好睇唔好食!

04 October 2009

Sunday Leisure -- Happy Sunday

星期天的插畫... Sunday leisure artwork..
love cupcake -craving for cupcake..

Tortilla California roll. 墨西哥玉米粉薄烙餅加州卷

最近喜欢用Tortilla皮 ( 墨西哥玉米粉薄烙餅 ) 做California roll for 仔仔番学既Lunch。

Lately I like to make California roll with Tortilla wrap for my boy lunch.
I use Japanese mayo because that's the only Mayo I use at home! Ingredient is the same as California Sushi roll - imitation crab meat, cucumber, tortilla, avocado and seaweed.
Easy quick and best of all it's tasty!


03 October 2009


今年影的不多秋景,上個星期去了十七Avenue行街街,影了一两張...While walking on the street, I saw the dogie is trying to rescue the other dogie..
The brown dogie kept on barking and the white dogie kept on chewing the string..
Perhaps he is trying to let him go, get rid of noising pal?? To have peace and quite space ..

the Festival Mood -冰皮月餅

Hm.. 第一次吃冰皮月餅 (係叫二家姐請旣!),幾好!甜度適中,得!