23 March 2006


Working late today. Work everyTuesday and Wednesday of the week. Every Wednesday is deadline to send file to print shop. Remembered when I first start working there, I finished work at midnite on almost every Wednesday. It got better now, the latest is ten pm. This week, One of the colleague's came back from Vacation help ease the work load, we finished at 8 pm.
Came home, have supper, Thanks to mother in law who usually cook for us on every Tue & Wed. and taking care Hei-Hei for us.
After the meal, watch some T.V. Watched Daddy's spoil little girl for the first time. Showing the father who spoil the daughter with luxury life, buying whatever they want. The daughter not shy of the interviews, said and tell what can they do and get. They're so naive & stupid when they talk. They become so fake and materialistic. The worse is when their parent call this love. Oh boy, I tell you,These American is just showing off and behind the screen, they just....,, whole bunch of....I am sure some just wants to go on the show until later, they will have a lot of debt to meet! This show make me sick, I had to swith to Food Networks.

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