20 March 2006

Left over food.

Whose going to eat them?? Me lah, who else?
That's why the weight is on me.I remembered my mom always finished all left over food in the fridge, and leave us the fresh cook food. She was quite a chubby lady then, I love to cuddle her belly. Now, my son do the same, So, I must get rid of my fatty belly and lose weight. Help Twinsmom, I need a lot of motivation lah, !!!
I love this Mangoes cake so much and order without asking Brayden what he wants for cake, Kid at his age don't know what is good, Until they reach 6 or over, then he can order his own cake lah. (I heard many mom said when they start school and invite their friends over for their own party, they wants weird or taste 5x sweeter cake, also they want no more relatives or family over, just friends...till then I am incharge of what we like best)


Twinsmom said...

I first step on diet and exercise -- not eat left over food.

I cook for hubby and the girls only, and finish whatever left by them, if they didn't leave anything behide I will have a wholemeal sandwich.

seriously, Mumsgather also do the same --no eat left over help a lot.

and the diet workshop I went to last weekend, the dietist and personal trainner said the same.

Blogie-Talkie said...

oh, ok, first goal, no more left over food. then... Ai yah, in my office, I will always want a snack at most time, junk food, and my boss sometime bring in food, my temptation will ruin my whole day diet... susah lah, I must have the determination to overcome my graving of junk meal.

Jesslyn said...

okok, noted Maria's msg : NO eat left over food...from now on! 记得记得!