16 May 2013


在這里已少了Traffic, 所以我会喜欢post 一些沒在 High Traffic 的site post的照片‧ 比如FB囉!
因為是有些post給自己分享,留給仔仔長大後看看媽媽的talk this, post this, pictures this 等等。
不过我知道有時也会有两三个朋友時不時 click 過來坐坐的。

這是我的Coffee Shop, 有空坐坐,很安靜,很享受!

Yu, 妳最近好嗎?快点post妳的画作啦! BoBo乖,讓Marmy多畫畫哦!
仔仔跟妳Say Hi..

Garage Sales is Summer Outdoor shops.

Summer outdoor shopping fun - I bought a few things at Garage Sale, a hot dog rotary grill and bun warmer for & bucks, I also bought a Magnifier with metal stand for 20 dollars. and playing card for Ar Boy for 10 dollars..
Lots of goodies..

08 May 2013

五零入集会 - Malaysian ROCK!

 I cried - happy tears viewing all the Pictures from Malaysia on yesterday Event. All Malaysian are unite as one with Courage to fight for right peacefully ! I am in foreign country is so proud. You all ROCK Anak Malaysia.
Don't forget to Thanks all Malaysian to support the event And Non-supporter are not judging or harming the supporter. Salute!

I am Proud of Rakyat Malaysia with courage to fight for RIghts!  Rakyat Malaysia do not harm other supporter is Class and is Democracy 表表姐. Thanks Malaysian, My heart goes out to you all.