24 March 2006

嫲嫲蛋糕 Grandma Cake

Brayden's Grandma very good in baking this soft & tender sponge cake.
Almost everyweek, my boy wants to do baking with her.
Hubby brought a few pieces to work and share with colleagues one day, One commented said: "this is one Delicious, soft and tender homemake cake I ever taste it, I want the recipe. Don't let this recipe to be failed to handed down the generation!" Well, is that good.........
And Brayden's cousin_Meghan heard it and said:"No worry, I will be the one carry on this recipe."
She is only Twelve and a good baker already.


Twinsmom said...

care to share recipe? so I no need to buy those ready cake mix :P.

Blogie-Talkie said...

ok, you, no problem lah

Allyfeel said...

Looks so yummylicious! Wah, 12 can bake already?

Blogie-Talkie said...

Yes, she is a very smart girl, and school system here are different from Malaysia, they start homescience at early age.