24 July 2009

To FunFun_Congratulations!

To my niece's in Singapore - who give birth to a girl-Elisa, healthy and cute little girl.
We are so so happy and hope she speedy recovery and prepare your journey of many sleepless night... !
Looking forward to see the baby pictures...

22 July 2009

To Hubby a birthday post...

It's 22.53pm July 22nd, I must hurry and post up a birthday wish to dear husband..
it's his 40+++ Birthday or perhaps I shouldn't post his age...
Anyway, We just want to say, we love him and wish his dream come true and healthy is wealthy...
If I hit the Jackpot tonite and become a millionaire, he can play ping pong all his wants..
That's was his wishes you see,,,
( he will be granted only if I got lucky and win.. or else, get back to work and pray hard, not play hard yet!... :)

12 July 2009

Birthday wish to Sister/Yee Ma

On behalf of the sister and family in Canada, we wanna to wish our most respectful eldest sister's A Very Very Happy Birthday and we love her very much! Ah Boy honoring a big cupcake to the great Yee Ma and wish her healthy and happy as always!
Have a wonderful time and free day with no worry with calories, just eat all you want!

I received a lovely phone charm! Tag

I wanna to thanks again the Bristyle community specially to Rasberry Pink Lauren the artist who sent me this lovely prize - Sheep phone charm. THANK YOU!
Couple weeks ago, Yoon See tag me with Fruits Photos Fun. Sorry for the delay, here goes my entry., come join us and play, please check here and have fun.
Above picture is Fruits I love, blueberries, and I make them become a tiny spiders....
It's Summer here, Cherries season.. Yumm..