17 March 2006

Frosty Day

Thursday was a busy day for me and son, After my doctor appointment, we still have a few hours gap for Brayden first dental check up. It was very foggy the day before, and I knew the trees will be frosted and it will be very nice the next day. I took some pictures, and will touch it up later.
mean time...

I have to get ready to celebrate his early birthday party this weekend. (we wasn't going to have birthday party for him this year. However, 2 weeks ago, he talk to his his aunties, cousin and ask them to come to his 4th years old birhday party..... I heard him saying this, how can we let him down... (timer just went off, I have to time myself working on the computer, or else I will not get up the seat.... )


Twinsmom said...

yes, more pictures :D.

and I want to see the closed up of the frosty tree.

Blogie-Talkie said...

I can't upload pictures today, I guess traffic jam again, I took very few pictures. I will try to edit one with close up.