29 November 2007

IF- The Zoo - 動物園的動物坐火車逃走了

I managed to finished my illo for this week IF theme (last day yar.) -- The Zoo
My version is about the Zoo animals escaped and run to the wide, they are going by train...
My Boy insists to have his favorite reptiles in there, so, there is a snake and a crocodile. Hmm, I am not sure which Background is nicer? I post them all.I am getting better in my time, from sketch to finished.. yer,,This is my rough sketch, and the final work always look abit different, that's how I work, I don't know, hard to come out the exact pictures until I have to finished my artwork. Just me!

太好了,可以完成這個星期IF的entry, 這一群動物園的動物坐火車逃走了、自由了,不用被困在gate里過日子,不過自由自在的日子是要付出的,以後就要自己找東西吃了!



Terrick said...

I like the 2nd one! :)

tusen said...

I'm for the second one, too. And the animals are so cute

Tracy said...

Gee! Didn't know u can draw so well (soli). I'm speechless when I look at ur drawings. I prefer the 2nd drawing too.

Kate said...

I like the top one! Very nice work!

AnastasiaC said...

i like the first one...they are all great!

Sarah N said...

I like the top post. It is nice to see how you thought the idea through. The final one has a lot of visual interest beyond the animals.

Bobo said...

love it, very imaginative and fine skill!

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

dear all,
thank you! so, most of you go with the second one,, hmmm, maybe it's not so busy. Thank you!

Sarah, thanks for the email, I reply your email.

Thank you, I draw for fun, but love to practice and become a pro,, hahaha, let's see!
welcome back, now you have no trouble with the Chinese Coding in your web?

Thanks, I have a lot to learn from you ler! not humble, because I know myself.

Abi said...

haha so cute! I love that they are going by train.

Anonymous said...

I like the top one best. :)
Great work!