10 April 2006

Riding my rusted tricycle to Park (Sat)

I bought this old rusted second hand tricyle for Brayden last week, he is learning to pedal, and I saw this rusted tricyle fit his size well, I bought it for only $2.50. Reasonable price for a bike he might just ride for this year.

Ride to the Park, and his very first time daring to climb on the bar up to the top!

He always affraid of heights. (I may have something to do with this. When he was little, I grab him to stay away from "danger", I get panic and shout too much lah, now what happen?? He got scare!) He never play anything else except slide or the horsy in the Park.

Suprisely this time, he is ready for adventure. He wants to climb up up high! (of course with my help lah) That's a boy!


Jesslyn said...

First time on bicycle? He seem like very happy wor....
Next give him bicycle (2 tyres only) instead of tri-cycle!

MamaBoK said...

Chloe worst..! wouldn't play on anything at the playground..! can die or not..??

Twinsmom said...

don't you feel relief that our kid come to the stage can climb and jump, and we no need to worry too much? I do, *phew*.... gone was the day I need to hold them and carry them to play,

Zara's Mama said...

2.50 for a tricycle?? Wow..

He's getting bolder and braver.. b'cos he's growing up mah.

Blogie-Talkie said...

ya, later next year, his first time on bike, start with triclycle first, then see later how he do..

slowly, she will find her way..

Ya, but other worry come lor

Zara's Mama
ya, just 2.50 for this second hand tricycle... Brave! not that much, slowly he will once seeing other kids even girls are climbing high, he felt a bit ashame being a boy he is scare, I just keep on encourage him and help him in the begining, he slowly take the first step and try and try. He did told me once he climb up high, he said" I did it, Mum" it was sweet to hear that.