29 February 2008

Long bean Omelette 長豆角炒蛋

吃這道菜時,有一種懷久的味道在心中暗暗像潮水湧上來,彷佛回到小時候吃媽媽煮的這一道菜--長豆角炒蛋。媽媽雖然離開了我們二十載多,不過留下給我們兄弟姐妹的這種回憶永數不清,這就是媽媽留給我們的財富!無價寶!媽,謝謝您!I cooked an easy meal last night, a dish that my mother use to make for lunch or dinner, a dish that remind me so many good old days with my mother, this would be a Valuable Wealth that my mother has given to all of us, and it's as good as gold! A Wealth that I will keep all the time to remind me of my mom..
We missed you, mom! and Thank you!

25 February 2008

To Irene 賀老友記-- Irene

A Special Birthday Card for my buddy.......Irene..
Happy Birthday !

23 February 2008

Multiple for IF entry

This week IF - MultipleFebruary is a Heart Month..
Thanks for visiting....

Stingray2 course meal 蒲魚二食

Weekend Dinner...Stingray with and without Sambal (chili) sauce... I missed this dish for a long long time "The Chili bake Stingray in Banana leaf"
Tonite, I bought a piece of Stingray and make it into two courses, one spicy and one not spicy....
I use the Sambal that my sister brought home from KL. Hmm the fragrant fill up the kitchen.. and the taste.. just taste right.......
As good as I can get! Satisfied! (click pictures for larger view)

今天在超市買了一片蒲魚回家。兩煮法,一道是煮不辣的(老伴和仔仔的),首道用煎法、再配上蒸魚鼓油加青蔥。另一道是煎配蒜頭碎加Sambal 煮,(因為愛吃辣和怀念Malaysia的焦葉烤辣蒲魚)味道雖然有差离,不過效果還不錯!暫時可以令我嘗到對那道菜的渴望,不過最重要是老伴和仔仔都愛吃哩!停不了口,因為啖啖肉,再加上醬汁和愛心,夠增加美味囉!

22 February 2008

Birthday wish to a blog friend's

Today date is Triple 2, Feb 22nd ---- and I just found out it is a blog-friend's Birthday...
A Birthday wish to ET .... "Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns....."原來今天二月二十二日是Auntie ET生日呢!仔仔和媽咪祝ET 阿姨生辰快樂、心想事成...萬歲!

20 February 2008

My theory in second hand stuffs. 二手物品

I bought these second hand children dresses in Value-Village yesterday (look at the price I paid :) ), V V is a store that selling all re-usable cloths, housewares, all kind of accessories, household items and many more. Everything was 50% off yesterday, so I bought these dresses for my grand-nieces in KL, only because they don't mind second hand stuffs.
I love this store, I know some people don't like buying used-stuffs, for me, I really don't mind, the items that on sale here are mostly in good condition especially clothing, I guess because we have 4 season's here, so, people love spending money every season's change or when there are new products out in the market (human kind, the desire to own everything, have everything), they will give away old yet good stuffs to this store for re-sale.My Theory is simple (This week IF topic), kid grow up fast, there's really no need to spend lots of money on children clothing when I can spend less buying cheap yet good quality re-use clothing here. Other than saving, I also have a little contribution on the Global warming problem, I Re-cycle, Re-use and Re-duce. Best of All this store will donate part of the money to Charity. I see lots of benefits in using, re-use second hand stuffs....前天我去VV買了幾件裙子給我姪仔的兩位公主。這都是二手的衣服,我知道有些人對二手的東西有所保留,不過我卻不介意, 也知道姪仔和他太太也不介意我才會買這些裙子的。
VV是一間二手百貨公司,賣的東西可多,有電器、衣服、家具、家庭廚具、鞋子、書本、雜誌 等等,大部份品質還是很好。可能有些人的慾望太多,一有新產品或換季時就去買下新款的物品,之後一些認為過時的衣、物就用不著了,他們就會送去這一間二手店便買。
這些被認為廢物的東西我卻認為是寶哦(of course, in reasonable conditions..)!尤其小孩子的衣物,他們長的快大的快,如果在此可以買到一些便宜又好的二手衣物,何樂而不為呢!我對二手物品的理論不但可以節省家中的消費,對環境也有好處,可以減少垃圾之餘,也十分環保,因為將好的"廢物"再循環利用呀!更有意義是這一間二手店將收入除去開支,將一半的錢捐獻慈善團體,所以我對這些二手物品不反感!

15 February 2008

還沒吃過一頓過年餐!My CNY revolutions!

More than a week, I am sick, yes sick again. This time even worse, I caught FLU, and this sure one bad virus that gave me hell of a week. I spent 4 days in bed, I barely walk, for 5 days I can't eat nor feel like to eat. Finally I go back to my doctor again (first visit the symptom was not obvious, looks just like a cold), and this time symptom is very obvious that I had Sinus Infections...I am on my Antibiotic for third day now, I begin to feel much better, this FLU hit me really hard.
My new year Revolutions is just stay FIT, want nothing more!
From now on I have to start some exercise, a balance diet (eat more fruits lah) to get healthier ! Bad bugs, I warn you, stay away from me.......
Look at the foody-goodies that my sister brought back from KL. I am drooling, I must discipline myself in-order to enjoy all these goodies, until I am all fit and fully recover, I am not dare!
我從年三十晚病到年初六!今次這流行感冒令我行動不得吃不下,好幸苦呀!仔仔前幾個星期病倒了,過了幾天我開始發病,以為受感染,連忙跑去看醫生趕快醫好好過年嗎,可是當時醫生說我的病症並不同仔仔,當時病還沒發出,只叫我多休息,沒開藥我吃,誰知第二天我就倒了,病一發不能收拾!暈了幾天再回去見醫生,醫生說我中了Sinus Infection, 立刻給我吃藥,送我下樓,一回到家,藥一發功,我吐的半死!我的胃受不了因為沒進食好幾天囉!幸好我這家庭醫生每天打電話check我,吃過藥第三天(今天)精神好多了!

04 February 2008

IF - Blanket and a Birthday wish

My sister's Elaine's Birthday, this IF post is dedicated to her wishing her Happy Birthday and Many happy returns.
She is my son favorites Auntie's, who give him lots of unconditional love.
One of their favorite game is playing Rodeo, my boy loves to cover her with the Blanket and ride on her, she is now a crazy horse and should go wide with blanket on her, my boy, a cowboy who ride on her back trying to settle the wide horse.. Thanks for being a great Auntie!

今期IF topic Blanket。仔仔最愛和這二姨媽(仔仔稱她為TwoTwo)玩騎瘋狂牛,每次仔仔一定用毯蓋上二姐,再叫她好像瘋狂牛一樣跳)仔仔就馬上騎上她背後來馴服她!

02 February 2008


新的photoshop嘗試, 畫水彩畫,水彩賀年卡。New Psd technique, Chinese painting...
Happy Chinese New Year..

01 February 2008

Birthday wishes to my Sis - Mia 祝賀

Boy Boy here to wish Auntie Three a Happy Birthday..