17 March 2006

Juicy Berries

Bought a packs of Strawberry and Blackberry in Costco yesterday, it's so sweet and juicy. Finally bought one that's so sweet and very fresh too.
Even Brayden who is not so keen on the berries, he did not complain this time, he had a few for his breakfast this morning. Yummmmmmmmmmmm

Hei-Hei *Brayden's Chinese Name. like fo log on Noggin, Disney or Nickjr sites, playing games and listerning to song or story on line (Kid channel like Noggin, Nickjr or Disney are his favourite channels) this sites has many activities like games, songs or story for kids to explore. Mom love Blogging, he loves logging on Noggins.
We sometime fight over turns on this computer where his is a lot slower.


Twinsmom said...

hahaha... very much like me and the belles, but I hardly let them online, because afraid they will accidently click on the ads, or pop up, or those adware stuff.

about the berries, you mean you usualy got those were sour?

Blogie-Talkie said...

well, I can't take sour fruits, so, when I say sweet, it's very sweet.(But I still sprinkle some sugar to sweeten the berries :P

Sam, my husband is our IT person, honestly, I am a rookie come to computer system, I only know how to use some graphic software, if I need anything downloaded or pop up message asking questions, I always get Sam to look at it first, He computer has many restrition to avoid spams and ect..