30 November 2006

02 November 2006

Halloween FUN

This year Halloween, Son tried out a few custumes, finally I got him a second hand green Dragon custume which he likes so much.
Dress up to School in the morning (one of his classmate dress as a Spider boy, and he actually demonstrated few action to me,, very fun to watch these kids really imagine they are who they want to be) later the day we went Treats or Tricks (get candy from door to door) at night. Kids shout Treat or Tricks at door, people will open door to hand out candy to prevent get tricks!

Halloween Spirits in Calgary or North America is quite nice, most people dress up at work or in School from princess, witch to ugly Hantu....
Some House decorated their house very unique
Some parents too dress up with their kids when they gone treats or tricks.Post with all candies he got .............

I believed My sister's had a very fun experienced this time.