31 March 2006


Cook some dishes that my father loves most.
There are food that will bring back memories in the old days when your parent cook for you Most of time you are fighting your portion (takut rugi), pick out the ingredient you dislike, eat the best last ....
This pumpkins is a cheap food but it brought us back when mom cook it for us.

Got father to cut the Pumpkin for me rather than seeing him sitting on the sofaDried shrimps pumpkins 蝦米抄金瓜

Minced Luncheon meat, green onion with eggs 午餐肉葱煎蛋

Playing at backyard with granpa 同公公玩韆鞦


1+2mom said...

How to make the 2nd dish ar?? Look so delicious.

Zara's Mama said...

aah.. this is so heart warming..

I cook the pumpkin with dried shrimps quite often.. sometimes use yam instead.

The luncheon meat ones look yummy too..

shiaulin said...



Greenapple said...

wah Calgary is still so cold huh?

hopefully Spring is fast approaching.

Blogie-Talkie said...

-First smash the luncheon meat with folk, pan fry with med heat.(until ligthty toast)
-cut green onion(chung)
-Beat 6 eggs (when use one whole can of luncheon meat.)
-pour the toasty luncheon meat and green onion in the beaten eggs. (add some shredded carrot too, I forgot mine)
-pan fry until mixture is cook. Garnish and serve.
(Tips, do not pour the whole mixture at once, or else the mixture is too thick on the panfry, it's hard the cook evenly or may have problem to flip the eggs mixure.)
simple is that! Enjoy.

Zara's mama
you too like pumpkin with dried shrimp? Ya, but with Yam, em...never try it before, it's good??

I read your story, you contribution to your family and love to your dad is amazing, I think you have done so much, you should be proud of yourself so is your father.

You are here,, Disappear for a while, did not see you in other Blogger comments, not in Maria blog, did not update your own blog, where you been??
Yes, Spring is here., the city is getting warmer, but it was windy that day, so they have they jacket on.

Zara's Mama said...

Yam with dried shrimp is also very good.. cooking method the same, but I think for yam, need to 'mun' longer.