23 March 2011

boyboy 9th birthday

Boyboy 9th birthday today.. I let him chose his Birthday cake for the first time, he picked ice-cream cake with Picachu cartoon on it..

I leave work early today, thinking to have an early dinner and after his piano lesson, we could have cake celebration, but .. his dad coming home late, forgot his promise to come early from work, then one sister did not show up on time or call..

I was busy with his homework, his school assignment due tomorrow, and cooking, preparation.. some more my boy don't listen when I coach him on the assignment.
Firstly, he asks for help yesterday, usually it's his dad responsibility, but he is very busy with work and he needs rest, so today, I got my colleague's to help checking his draft copy, I help prepared the info, print out some picture and we wrote down some facts and points for him to refer to, but this little fellow comment when I give suggestion but being a brat and a selective listener, and his attitude is unacceptable.

I got mad, I am frustrated of all the happenings, the whole night is ruin! I thought I am organized, plan ahead, helpful, but they all ruin it by not showing up on time, not listen and no help at home..

I walk away very mad, I called sister don't come in cause it's late, ArBoy go to bed by 9pm, and I have no more mood, I comment she is late and not plan her time..
Then, I bitch to the air about no help today, Arboy shown no respect to his mother, no responsibility, someone have no time management, I work like a slave and yet no one appreciate! Whining me!

Ar boy fear when I am angry, he asks for forgiveness, it did not just extinguish my anger, I express my anger, mad, and go on and on whining.. his dad stay away to wait until I cool down, but Arboy stay and hug and cried to beg for forgiveness and hold me tight, I am sure he don't understand it's not all his fault, I just explore all at once....

I cried with him ! I hug him and I am thankful my little fellow is always know how mommy feel and never scare to approached me and comfort me..

To my boy - Happy 9th birthday, I love you, we will make it up on this Friday when there's no school and work next day.

20 March 2011


It been a while, How is my fellow blogger friend doing?.. Busy with work, family and all sort of things.. I wish all is in good health and peace.

How time flies,,, can't catch up... my dear boy is turning 9 in few days..
To my love, A happy and healthy age..