31 January 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快樂

If you wish to use this graphic, go ahead, free for download........ 免費插圖!隨便下載....

30 January 2008

種慈菇花迎新年 CNY plants

I plant arrowroot for Chinese New Year decorations. You can also cook with it, it is one of my favorite food, one of my comfort food because my mom use to make it.
In every Chinese New Year, people plant it for decorations, the leaves will grow tall long and flowers later(kind of like water Lily), the flower is in white and the fragrant is quite strong. My mother use to grow this plant weeks before the CNY for home decorations. (white flower pictures Downloaded in google)
I know now I've started the plant too late, and in less than 1 week, CNY is here, my plant will be too small, I should have known better plant it at least a month early.今年種慈菇花迎新年 ,不過種的太遲了,苗子才剛出來,下個星期新年就開始了,來不及啦!

28 January 2008

今天好凍.. Too cold

It's cooooooooold outside, minus 20 outside.. with the windchill is making the weather even colder, about -30 degree man!... szzzzz,,, will be cold for next 2 days...hope these weather will last only for 2 days... and Chinook will come to warm the weather.
Note: Below snow man were crafted by boyboy, the girl were real snowball and I drew the clothing to give it a notch ! .. :)
氣候好冷呀!零下二十度..今天家裡的暖氣費一定會好貴了.. 唉!幸好今天仔仔不用上學一天,可以冬眠一陣!嘆下先!明天就受苦了... 怕怕!

26 January 2008

向左走,不,還是向右行! To the Left or To the Right?

解圖/Illo Description : 向左走,不,還是向右行! To the Left or To the Right?



注: 寫完這post時,靈感一觸,咦!其實這兩幅圖可以巧妙地描繪到今天的話題咧!將插圖寫上解畫以形容我這post所想所說,不是很貼切嗎?"掂呀!" 從新評估自己: 我五月媽子算有一點天分吧!解圖/Illo Description : Just do it, no worry!
I was going to draw something with a topic in my head, I end up with somethings totally different from my original version. Apparently I never can finish an illo one shot, I frequently distracted by all my daily task like drop off and pick up boyboy, cooking, helping boyboy school work, and housework, when I return to continue where I left or stop, most of the time I end up doing different drawings and this one here...the original version had blur out! I tell you, I have no vision to do this drawing and I don't know what happen...my brain and my hand have no coordination! they don't cooperate, the brain tend to have a different visualization than hands .... Silly.......Not a good artist!
Note: After I published this post, I discover I actually can manipulate these illos to fit in what I talked about. Yes, it tag along with my p0st quite well, I have to re-evaluate myself.... I am a genius ! :P

24 January 2008

To you all who make my day! 送給你們

I am honored I've received a blog-award from my friend Julia a "You make my day " blog-award. Thanks! Very kind of you, my friend.
Mind you there are few people I like to take the opportunity to make their day better.
-E.T I hope your day fill with joys and hope. Wish AhPor in good health.
-My Dear sisters, Oldest one MPing and Elaine a smooth and peaceful day. Mia- stay strong and focus, you can do it!
-ChuiPin (Fanmama)Enjoy your precious time with the babies. We Miss FanFan! when will you return to blogs world ler?
-All my good friends (you know who you are ): take a coffee break, have some time for yourself!
Here are the rules for “You Make My Day” award works:
  1. Write a post with links to five blogs that make your day or make you think.
  2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
  3. Display the “You Make My Day” link to the post. (optional)
  4. Tell the blog winners that they have won by commenting on their blog.
I pick the following fans, if you wish to carry on this spirit game, just pass it on, remember, there are no obligations. Have fun!
They are...

  • E.T
  • Mama Bok-Chole
  • Terrick
  • 阿馮
  • 生命的足跡

  • 22 January 2008

    Snowing Pro and Con

    Snowing all weekend, at least few inches of snow (constantly outside shovel the thick snow when snow fall like crazy..). When the Weekend over, the weather got warmer, and snow start to melt, those gravel that were pour during snow fall to prevent slippery road will mix in with the melting snow and become muddy and icy. Yak! No fun when the city filled with muddy streets and dirts cover all over your car, on your shoes, bring dirt in your house...

    When snow melt on day time, the temperature usually will drop and start to refreeze at night, the road conditions will get bad as the black ice will form and become so slippery. So there, after all another perspective of SNOW that don't just bring fun, it will bring quite a trouble.. There are always pro and cons in things...
    On the Fun side, all kids love snow, snowing is fun, (if no windchill), snowflake is so pretty to watch, snow on the ground so powdery, soft feel,.. and for my boy...he likes snow ball fight, making snow Angel, sledding.. roll on the snow, just to have fun with the light powdery snow..
    (Of course, is the parent who are cleaning up the mess after...)

    17 January 2008

    Potatoes Ox Tail Stews - 燜牛尾薯仔

    Cooked this dish weeks ago - Potatoes Ox Tail Stews with tomatoes base.
    Based on my Kitchen Standard: 6 Stars - Best, 4 Stars - so far so good , 3 stars - so so , Less than 3 - :(
    Taste: *** 1/2
    Difficulty: Easy - Med (depend who's the cook.. :) )
    Prep time: 20 min

    燜牛尾薯仔 - 味道還可以! 沒什么難度的菜,只是花點時間!
    不過老伴和仔仔說好....味! 已夠令我煮的開心囉!
    我這煮人就是這麼容易Please 了! :)

    14 January 2008

    Flashback 2007 2007 回憶錄

    I wanna to post this on New Year Eve, didn't get to it, because of this. However I finished it today..here goes..
    My Flashback 2007
    Thanks to you who visit my blog all these time, Thank you! I will keep up the good work! (huh! let see.. !)
    (click pictures to enlarge)
    這插圖本來是在前幾個星期發出的, 當時我...借口..? 對!懶嗎!
    如今沖足電了,終於把這一幅2007 (一部份) 的回憶錄插圖完成,與大家分享....
    謝謝家人和朋友們多時的支持!我會再接再厲! ( aaa!??!)
    (click pictures to enlarge)

    13 January 2008

    順風、順利! Good Luck!

    Terrick is Moving to a new town, he accepted a job there, Congratulation!
    I wish him All the Best! And settle in smoothly....
    Terrick 恭喜你在新一年新開始,這麼快就見成另一份工作,真本事!我祝你一路順風,事事如意!

    12 January 2008

    IF - Stitch

    This week IF Entry -- Stitch ....
    Don't throw away the small part and extra pieces of cloths, stitch it up and make a patch quits! That's what my mom use to do! (This illo drew in facebook Graffiti wall)Ha! Look! Mr Joe got some stitches on his head,,,is he a Frankenstein ? No worry....... just a tattoo! (Photoshop)

    10 January 2008

    wrap me up! 把我當禮物包!

    One Dinner night (weeks before Christmas), boyboy said......
    BB: mommy, teacher said you don't need to buy Christmas present for yourself, family or friend will buy it for you, and keep it a secret, it will be a surprise gift. So, what do you wish to have, mommy?
    Mommy: oh! isn't suppose to be a secret? If I tell you, there be no surprise!
    Boyboy: it's ok, you can make a wish list!
    Mommy thinking : (what a thought ! I've never minded myself nor thinking about it. Anyway I hint him, I thought he knows I love to draw lately since some days he told me to enjoy my free time drawing, I thought I mentioned water color before, he may remembered.)
    Mommy: What do you think? You know what mommy like!
    My boy pause and rolling his eyes balls..... Suddenly he turns to his daddy and whisper (quite loud that I can hear it):
    BB: Daddy, Can you wrap me up? Because mommy love me most, she will be Very Happy when she got me as a present!
    Mommy deep in thought: So loving, so real, so sweet, so ..worth it!
    Indeed he is so right...what else I want most....2007年聖誕節前,正當我們吃晚餐的時候,仔仔對我說..
    我暗示仔仔:" 你一定知道我喜歡什麼呀!"
    仔仔: "爺地,不如您把我當禮物包起來,送我給媽咪做聖誕禮物,因為媽咪最喜歡最愛我了、媽咪一定最開心了!"
    真感動。不枉我的用心 ,放棄工作後少了收入,左省右省,全職投入天職(母職囉!) 好值!。 甜極了!

    09 January 2008

    IF 100%

    This week IF Entry: 100%I got quite sick before the Christmas Holidays, so weak I can't get up, drained all my energy,
    During the 2 weeks Christmas break, I re-charge by doing nothing, less partying, no housework, no need to rush since my hubby and boy too on Holidays.
    100% Relax
    (on my jammy, coffee, foody-goody, as good as I can get!) and now 100% charge up and resumed........

    *Thanks to Julia - who gave me an idea that this illo I published days ago will fits for this week IF entry...


    Postcard from Singapore

    Received a postcard from E.T. this afternoon, an invitation to visit Singapore ... a chance to win a trip to Singapore.. oooo... this will be great if my entry get drawn...Thanks E.T. for entering me in! I hope I am the lucky one ! Are there Lucky Angel around? Or Any sponsor???
    Thank you E.T.
    謝妳enter us in!有機會一定到訪! 現在只好等待幸運的抽中了!謝妳!
    Pray pray pray.......

    07 January 2008

    大家還好嗎?Just being lazy, but today resume to regular routine!

    Hi folks, How are you?
    I am fine! Thanks for your comments and greetings. During the Holiday weeks, we eat eat eat for weeks. Believed me, we got so tired partying and decided to take a break from it. We stay home, sit and do nothing. How come? I Don't know! I just need time for myself, for my other half and my boyboy.

    We on pajamas all day & all night long. We told boyboy, during the holiday break, there are no rush for school and homework like usual, we will rest hard, play hard and sleep hard. When we resume, we will be all charge up and then we can work hard. I find this is so relaxing than going to a party, I call this a real holidays break! ( Yes, tight budget indeed, but my heart is rich wor, that's count most lar!)
    Today, boyboy is back to school after 2 weeks of school breaks, we resume to regular routine and my computer finally running..thanks to hubby.

    (Thanks to hubby who bought me Spyder2Pro (hardware to calibrate color for all my monitors) and my Sister's Elaine bought me a 22 inches Samsung LCD mon.. not to forget to mentioned 2 more sisters who gave me a big pocket money... I know, I am the luckies youngest girl in my family,,, thanks to all my sisters who support the an unemployed and poor ...--- yes that's Me!)

    回來了! 大家還好嗎?謝謝大家留言!

    01 January 2008